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"The Name of the Sin" Translyrcs Attempt Tsumi no Namae by ryo/supercell

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Posted 12 June 2016 - 12:33 AM

Another attempt to write fan translyrics. Although, I know that there some places that there's too much syllables and have poor grammar with run-on sentences. I'll try to make a cover with it sometime.

Note: Some meanings did change because I couldn't figure out how to get all the syllables on there. For example, the line where she'd said she like to belive that she would wish for her friend. I know it's suppose to sound more hopeful and sure of herself that the wish could come true, but it ended up sounding doubtful at that last line of the stanza.

Any opinions would be great, and I might alter the lyrics over time.


Almighty Goddess of Fate, she looked down right upon my birth
"Oh, what a lovely baby girl that was born onto this Earth.
Why don't I have a bit of fun and give a gift myself?
I'll cast a spell on her."

With my depressed in eyes and impossibly scrawny body
Everyone that I'd meet judges me by the way I'm seen
"Get back, you beast!
Can you not see that you will never be a human just like us?"

I'll never think about how sad I really am because
If I recount my miseries, then all I'll ever do is cry all the time.

But if there was only one thing that I'd wish for in this world,
Then I'd wish for at least a single friend who would always be by my side
And would always say, "How wonderful this thing called 'life'!"
Or at least that's what I honestly think that I really believe

"Why is that everyone seem to despise this mouse so much?"
They all scoffed right at his words, "Because they are disgusting filth!"
"If that is what you truly think, then please explain to me,
A boy who cannot see."

"If you all act as if this is not an unjust prejudice,
then is it really this mouse who is the real disgusting filth?"
They've backed away from what he said, as he continued on
"Don't you do that again!"

Is it odd that I would find happiness in that? Because
Just like I thought, I cannot control these tears that I'm sobbing down all around

But if want to be somebody who's accepted by you,
Then I would want to be what everyone says what a normal girl should be
Knowing that puts an ache onto my own well-being
So tell me, how come is it that I have to be the way I am?

"I know that you are the kindest girl in the world,
but you blame yourself for things you can't control.
All I want to do is bring happiness to you"

"I just got a great idea. Although I won't be able to see it,
I will grant you the most beautiful white lily flower"

"Why don't I place it gently right here by your side for you to love?"

Great Goddess of Fate, she said with a maleficent intent,
"Oh, dear blind boy, if only you knew what she had looked instead.
Why don't I try to clear your eyes and see how'd you react?"
She gave the gift of sight.

The white flower dyed into the darkness that would soon surround
With a sinister aura that'd shroud the lily all around
"Here is the gift he gave to you to bring you happiness.
Why don't you take it now?"

Maybe this is punishment for my selfish deed because
I've fallen in love so much that I'd forgotten where I'd belong...I'd belong...

Would this world be better if I'd went ahead and killed myself?
But then you called out, "Don't you ever say that. I don't want to see you cry
I will stay here by your side until the day I die.
But from this day forth, you will always be a normal girl to me"

"So, take a look right now."

The curse has finally been broken down.
It's all just a bad dream now.


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