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VOCALOID 2018 Predictions? What do you think what might happen next year?

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 08:13 AM

The title says it...

I only have a short list of 2018 for Vocaloid stuff, so here!

-1st Place surprises IA fans with an IA English voicebank release on IA's 6th anniversary
-Aquatrax & EXIT TUNES confirms Zing's voicebank legitimacy, gives out more details to it & provides a Chinese vocal sample for it [I WAS RIGHT! Zing's voicebank is true! :D] Posted Image

-VOCALOID5 announces along with VY1V5 (As far as I heard. A new Vocaloid engine appears to happen every 3 or 4 years I Think)
-VoxWave joins the Vocaloid development roaster and announces their French Vocaloid 4/Vocaloid 5 library
-Shanghai HENIAN releases Luo Tianyi Japanese & voicebanks for all of the VSinger cast

If you guys & gals want. I can edit this thread to add a list of predictions with some marks on some predictions (Some might be right, while some others might not)

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 03:02 PM

Ooh, it's that time of the year!
I'll look back at my predictions from this thread:

That's about 4 or 5 out of 11 (or out of 12 if you count the last one).

As for this year...

  • Another Miku Expo in the North American region will be announced (not sure if it'll take place in the same year, but it will at least be announced).
  • An English song (either an original or an English version of a song) that has not been performed in concert will be performed.
    (If it's an English version of an already existing song, this doesn't count the original version having been performed before).
  • Another Crypton Chinese voicebank(s) will be announced (and maybe released). As for who, I'll predict for Rin and Len.
  • A new Internet Co. VOCALOID or update will be announced and released.
    I'll predict a CUL update--unless V5 happens. Then a Megpoid and Gackpoid update.
  • There will be two YAMAHA VOCALOID surprise releases (that is, announced and released on the same day).
  • One of the two surprises will be received fairly well with a number of fanarts and usage. This one will not be super popular, but fairly popular.
  • The other one will only see a little bit of usage.
  • There will be another song contest for something related to Hatsune Miku and/or the Piapro Characters.
    (Be it a for a concert, game, or something of the like. Other collaboration song contests happen all the time on piapro.jp, so I won't count that.)
  • Miku V4 Chinese will continue to do well (at least from what I can tell, she is doing quite well.)
  • The last two Chinese VOCALOIDs of VSinger to be released will be released this year.
  • During Magical Mirai 2018, MEIKO will perform Break It, Break It for at least one of the concerts (based off of this song having the top vote for "Which MEIKO song would you like performed?" and that is has been in a Project Diva game).
  • Towards the end of 2018, there will be some things for Megurine Luka's 10th Anniversary.
  • A site will be opened for her on December 30th, 2018. This site will feature a visual drawn by KEI, and there will be Countdown Illustrations for her as well.
  • There will also be a "Throne 10th Anniversary" drawing by iXima for Luka, and there will be at least one or two official or officially recognized albums dedicated to her 10th anniversary.

  • Kizuna Akari's VOCALOID voicebank (just one) will release, and VOCALOMAKETS will talk about giving her additional voicebanks like Yukari if they believe it'd be profitable and/or if she does well. These additional voicebanks won't release in 2018.


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Posted 27 November 2017 - 03:52 PM

View PostTJ Studio, on 27 November 2017 - 03:13 AM, said:

-1st Place surprises IA fans with an IA English voicebank release on IA's 6th anniversary

It wouldn't be that big of a surprise at this point seeing how 1st Place has been hyping/inquiring about an english IA bank these past 2 years haha

I think 1st Place might have or possibly are looking into a spanish IA bank. I know that sounds crazy but they have been promoting vocaloid (or at least IA & ONE) in spanish speaking countries much more than CFM and even Voctro lately. Speaking of Voctro & 1st Place, it could be possible that 1st Place might move ONE onto another engine like Voiceful. Voicebank development for Cevio has basically have only come down to 1st Place themselves (outside of Sasara, it's pretty much been IA Talk & ONE town on Cevio). A good reason for 1st Place to move ONE to Voiceful would be to support languages outside of japanese and to be better able to use ONE's voice in things like apps (remember that ONE app they teased earlier this year?) and things like Siri/Alexa/Cortana that even CFM has been doing with Miku's voice lately. Or a new voice/character from 1st Place for Voiceful *shrugs*

If Vocaloid 5 is a thing next year, it could explain some delays that could result in an updated english bank for Gumi and future UNI releases being for v5. I'm going to be a bit wild with the wishful thinking and guess that VFlower english possibly being a thing possibly because Yamaha wants more female chest voices for that market (hey, we have no idea how well Flower's voicer knows english).

I agree with TJ Studio about VoxWave looking at new engines because Plogue left that market.

Western subbers will start to have much better relationships japanese vocaloid producers resulting in more official subs in many languages not just including english (if it results in larger viewcounts on YouTube, I think they might try it). Hey, TeddyLoid just tried it with Invisible Lovers having english subs right in the official upload for the music video.

A Euro MikuExpo tour is likely going to be a thing with a smaller American/Canadian MikuExpo in the fall (and/or maybe late summer?) that's smaller and with different locales outside of NYC/LA compared to the one from 2016.

AHsoft might surprise people next year after holding back with new voices/characters in the v4 generation. Not entirely sure exactly how that would look like, but maybe Vocalomakets would lead that charge.

I'm guessing that Sega is going to do something very different with vocaloid this next time around after hearing about that Yukari/PSO2 collaboration.

CFM will be too busy again this year to even consider cv04 haha.

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 04:09 PM

Just one thing: The public announcement of the Vocaloid V engine in Q2/Q3 2018.

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 04:25 PM

View PostMarric, on 27 November 2017 - 11:09 AM, said:

Just one thing: The public announcement of the Vocaloid V engine in Q2/Q3 2018.

Um, I doubt an announcement like that would be in the middle of the year. I was just looking at Yamaha's investor page and this presentation slide (https://www.yamaha.c...res-171102e.pdf) said their 2nd fiscal quarter ends on March 31st. They're more likely could make an announcement like that as early as next month to help plump up their 2nd quarter outlook for investors or really much later in the summer to make their year end fiscal results look better rather than underusing the V5 hype in the middle of the year.

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 07:39 PM

Interesting. I think some of them are likely to happen. I especially hope for a Miku Europe Tour!!! Here are my predictions:

- The Miku concert in Paris will use the same modules and have a similar setlist as Miku Expo 2017 in Malaysia, with some songs being French covers
- If V5 is a thing, the next added languages will probably be German, French or Indonesian
- If German is a thing in V5, AHS will be one of the first developers of a German VB, probably Yuzuki Yukari
- AHS concert at Anime Messe Berlin 2018
- Project DIVA spin-off game for Nintendo Switch (MAKE IT HAPPEN!!)
- Mikucolle still won't be localized in English...
- Male VB for the VOCALOID keytar will be announced

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 07:42 PM


last years predictions (everything I got right is in bold):


This year's predictions:



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Posted 28 November 2017 - 01:12 PM

Didn't predict much back about 2017, but I'll sum it up:
"Miku's Chinese VB gets successful" - And she did, and got a Nendoroid too.
"Uni will be released in summer 2017 and gets a bundle with all her VBs." - Earlier than expected, but no English VB yet.
"Yamaha reveals VY2V4 all sudden without any forewarning" - No VY2V4, as expected, nice try prediction though.

This year's predictions
  • VOCALOID5 gets postponed till 2019 even though the announcement in December 2018
  • More Japanese VOCALOIDs will be released
  • More Chinese VOCALOIDs will be released before the V5 announcement
  • Uni finally gets her English VB
  • One possible Engloid release happens


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 03:57 PM

My 2017 predictions:


1. A bunch of the new Japanese Vocaloids, none of them get very popular. I thought this would be like predicting 'the sky will be blue', but we got 100% updates, minus Lumi.
2. New Engloid with a cool design! Horray! WORDS CAN BRING ME DOWWWNNN
3. New Engloid with a terrible design! But don't worry, some people will still like them. WORDS CAN BRING ME DOWWWNNN
4. Yamaha surprises us yet again. Did someone say 'Matcha and Azuki V4 update'.
5. IA English doubly confirmed for real this time. I am going to goddamn write this prediction however many years in a row I have to until it happens.
6. IA V4 announced on her 5th anniversary. 1st place you are TESTING me.
7. An entirely new vocal synth appears. Hello, Voiceful.

2018 predictions:

1. New Engloid is announced but turns out to be a fan project with no backing (2015 throwback)
3. V5 baybee
4. Reign of the Chinaloids continues
5. Chuchu released against all odds
6. Zing was actually fake this whole time, get prank'd
7. Soho gets a release date and a female voice

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Posted 28 November 2017 - 11:23 PM

Since I didn't do any predictions last year, nothing to look back on but time to put some predictions now!

- V5 most likely releasing with VY1, Cyber Diva/Songman, and maybe some popular Vocaloid like Gumi/IA/Yukari
- Spanish VB for either IA or Miku is released/announced/something
- Chinese VB for Luka or Rin/Len is announced
- New Engloid or update, if it's an update then for Avanna/Gumi English/Miriam(???)
- New Una VB
- Uni gets her Appends/English VB pushes back more
- German will be the next language
- Miku Expo in North America and pissible big cities in Europe
- New Miku V4X Bundle That has Japanese, English, and Chinese voicebanks included
- Piapro Studio standalone replaces the VST version on all future CFM Vocaloids

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 12:04 AM

Other then V5 being put on the table at some point in the next year, I have little in the way of predictions.

I actually don't want to make any predictions, for the first time I'm a blank slate completely on ideas. Time has made vocaloid very unpredictable, and only know certain vocaloids will get a update is for sure... And for that to happen, we need a new engine version.

My predictions from last year;

Meanwhile, within Vocaloid the gears will be put in plce for the next engine this year, on a larger scale... Whih will take about two year to show. New languages will be prep'ed in light of this, but not released like the Spanish ones, being held back from showing in V4.

I don't know if this is true, we won't know until V5's release and more details come out.

We'll get sudden late V3 -> V4 releases from the "Yamaha" group of Vocaloids, as they rush out, I call Tone Rion the beginning of this.

Again, I can't sign this one off...

V2v4, having a reputation for being one of the hardest vocals for the VYs to get ready will finallyy be released either this year or next.

Well it has a month left to appear... So next year it is if its going to appear at all. Or it will be up for V5.

Miku Chinese is Miku's 10th year anniversary vocal.

This I won't count, it was a little bit too predictable.

Internet co will either update Lily or Cul or even Chika or work on Gumi English. We may get a new vocal this year. English for Gackpoid and Lily may be produced, but only if English Megpoid is released. I doubt it at this point, I'm putting this here to be proved wrong.

They did nothing this year in terms of releases, which is rather odd as this generation they've been just quiet overall.

Now their update are out of the way, AHS having touched English thanks to Nana English, will prep for their own test English vocal.

Considering how long it takes to produce a English vocaloid, I'm not ruling this out, but it didn't get released this year.

Overall, this year will be an overall less about re-releases from Internet co, CFM, AHS and more about new vocals.

Right idea - wrong companies, most of the new releases came from china.

We will have at least 4 new Japanese Vocaloids this year.

Discounting a certain Chinese Vocaloid getting a Japanese vocal, as that's a Chinese vocaloid still... I was right, we did get 4 new Japanese vocaloid.

I've tried to be pratical about this, for example I know new languages are on their way, but I know a new engine has to appear, so I'm saying their starting their secret production and V5 must be fluttering by now on yamaha's mind. :-/

As time has gone on and with the lack of Japanese or English companies putting anything out, and certain delays for other vocaloids... I honestly think this is very much true, I started saying recently I feel V5 is now around the corner and I'm sticking by it. The only vocaloid due for release is Luo V4 and she is a Chinese vocaloid, last generation the Chinese vocaloids were late leaving V3 as V4 Japanese and English was rushed out early ahead of a certain man's retirement. Other then giving their late release into V4 a chance for them to catch up, I honestly think the lack of releases elsewhere is a sign things are moving ahead toward V5, as we have several big companies silent. The last major talk from Internet co and ah software came from them opening up XSY, and CFM put a Kaito and Meiko update on the table as an idea in 2016 and then have been quiet about all things since Miku's V4 release. Only Chinese Miku has been a focus in terms of vocaloid vocals, and since then Chinese other voicebanks have been suggested, but that's it. There is just too much quiet that I honestly can't accent that certain studios just aren't looking at V4 releases anymore. We may get one or two final reelases announced for V4 in Jan 2018, but these will be things that were too close to end production to be delayed for V5. As has been the case in the past.

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 12:44 AM

For 2018,
- I anticipate Crypton will show some love to their European fans, including some concerts, special events/partnerships and maybe some advertising crossovers (think Toyota x Hatsune Miku in the United States).
- I expect some behind-the-scenes work to be done to get Hatsune Miku x Tokyo Olympics on the table. I'd be so proud to be a Vocaloid fan if that or something of similar magnitude ever happened.
- I predict some possible game development crossovers in regions other than Japan.
- Some untold Project DIVA engine improvements, maybe even a cross-platform engine rewrite. (Which would explain plenty of recent decisions by the game dev team.)
- One or more large-scale partnership between various industries (including Movie/Music industries), featuring use of Hatsune Miku (such as how Amazon Echo has already confirmed Hatsune Miku will be available in Japanese.)

These are purely hopes and wishes, I haven't personally seen anything to back these up.

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 01:11 AM

Hm, hm.


For 2018 --

- V5 is soon. The companies are shaking in fear
- Not Vocaloid, but Tsurumaki Maki's Voiceroid2 update will be released. Announcement will either come this year (next month) or next year. maybe kou v2 too i know he's getting one AHS you can't fool me
- Gumi Eng's update will be released? Maybe? For how long this is taking, maybe it's not just an import of her V3 bank after all.
- More Chinese Vocaloids
- At least one of Uni's extra banks will be released. The order will most likely be soft, then power, then English.
- New female probably Japanese Vocaloid will be announced and forgotten about one month later
- Zing releases, one voicebank at a time.
- Qingxian and Moke are both released.
- Maybe a new Engloid? We didn't even get a single new English release this year which is strange, though I guess there's still a month left to see.

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:54 AM

v5 is announcement. also it can be used vst. no new engloid will be announced untill v5 is announced then zero-g will say they plans to work on some new engloids. keeping with their tradition of releasing engliods early of engine release and not releasing anymore until the next engine update since v3 era.

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 04:21 PM

View PostKona, on 29 November 2017 - 12:23 AM, said:

- Piapro Studio standalone replaces the VST version on all future CFM Vocaloids

I don't think that'll happen (at least not within the next year), since one reason that led to the creation of Piapro Studio was the dropped ReWire support with the introduction of the V3 Editor. Discontinuing the VST/AU version would make the standalone of Piapro Studio nothing more than a clone of Yamaha's editor, without the benefit to link it with your DAW.

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