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Topics I've Started

  1. Which English UTAU Voicebank Should I Use?

    Posted 17 May 2013

    Could you guys help me out? I'm VERY new to UTAU and am still figuring things out...

    Anyway, here's the deal: For AP US History, I have to do a "Legacy" project where I have to make something creative to represent something in history. I decided to use the song 1925 and change the words to English for the Civil War (I'll credit the original, of course), but I need an English UTAU voicebank to do it. Which one should I use? I've only played around with UTAU and don't know how to do much, so here's what I'm looking for:

    -One that is relatively easy to use. Like I said, no experience and I have to do this kind of quick.
    -Preferably a female with a soft voice (to fit the song), but I'd accept anything.
    -Whichever voicebank type (CV VC, CV, etc.) is the easiest to use.

    Could you guys help me out? I can't think of anything else I could do for the project that I could actually tolerate...

    (And as a side note, did I put this in the right forum section?)

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    Mokou Icon

    12 Jan 2012 - 02:48
    Hello and welcome~ Go and introduce yourself to the forum,son~
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    The Nomitroid Icon

    12 Jan 2012 - 02:38
    Welcome to VO! X3
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    Greetbot-tan Icon

    12 Jan 2012 - 01:56
    Oy tastiger, welcome to VO.net!
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