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Icon   Rainbow Neko Of look, it's already the 14th. Time for bed! (12:09)

About Me

Hi! I'm a Rainbow Neko! Well, not really, but... Yeah...
I have Rin and Len (ACT 2 comes with ACT 1 lol) but I have a Windows 7 computer and the Vista one won't work. >_>; FFFF-- I'll figure it out. At least the box is pretty o3o;;

My YouTube
My NicoNicoDouga (JPN)

My YouTube account will be used for all my videos really, but if it's not Vocaloid-related it will be in a PlayList. MMD videos will also have their own PlayList. All my songs will be subbed by me (the creator lol) and uploaded there.

My NND will only have Vocaloid and MMD. Can't decide if I'm going to have Eng subs on those videos or not... ;/

My native language is English. I'm hoping to make Japanese my second language and I can understand a whopping 1% (actually, it's probably more like 2% or something, I dunno. I can write kanji but I can't enunciate it. And I prefer Hiragana to Katakana...) of the language! W00t! Yeah, I'm not taking any classes or anything... So I have to go at my own pace. o.o; It's... okay, just... Makes me feel like I know so little every day o_______o And the only other languages I know are a little bit of Spanish (enough to say I don't know Spanish lol), German (my name is in German, I can translate it. And I can thank someone. And that's pretty much it.) and Korean (I can count to 4! :D ), so don't expect much from me when it comes to translating ANYTHING. Luckily someone on youTube who is a native Japanese speaker has offered to help me :D

"Rainbow Neko" was a random idea and I have no idea why I did it. I should at least have given myself the pride of saying "Neko no REINBOU" or something like that to keep myself from looking like a weeaboo, but since other than the fact I'm interested in more than the anime, manga, and music, I can't really prove that I'm not. All I can do is correct people and say that I'm an Otaku instead v///v Purple Wolf or Running Wolf would have been better... >.>;

Click here to see
~ Len without pants/shorts/leg warmers
~ Miku having an Austria moment (Hetalia! :D )
~ Rin and their master causing trouble
~ Haku getting drunk
~ Neru fangirling
~ KAITO and MEIKO trolling

If you haven't figured out yet, you can expect me to abuse the colors
Posted Image
My bag of magical GIF images. Enjoy!


My Information

Age Unknown
October 8
I'm in a box! I'M IN A BOX! *shot*

Contact Information

YouTube  Channel Link


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    16 Jan 2012 - 23:37
    Neko neko~
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    15 Jan 2012 - 19:06
    Oy Rainbow Neko, welcome to VO.net!
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