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KuroSawaShirou's Profile

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  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:3,885 (1.82 per day)
  • Most Active In: Role-Playing World (2045 posts)
  • Joined:03-February 12
  • Profile Views:29,279
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  • Member Title: That guy with many faces
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthday: December 11, 1995
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  • Location: Which face?
  • Interests: Games, books, RP-ing, and, games.

    Ah and also, cute+shy high-school girls >:]
  • Producers: Doriko, Hachiouji p, wowaka

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Icon   KuroSawaShirou http://www.vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/topic/47715-anyone-miss-me/

About Me

YO! The name is DC, usually called D. In another forum that you may not know, i goes by the handle 'TomNook' or 'echoridge'. I'm 18 this year (This december actually), graduated, now waiting for August when i'll start my college life, single (It's not like someone will try to hook me up), loves game, reading decent fantasy novel, and a proud otaku.

Truth to be told, i'm more into those females with shy personality, and those with average to below average chest (I know that some of you already thinks of me as a pedo, but no). Loves VL (Virtual Life) more than RL (Real Life), and of course, more into VG (Virtual girl), in fact my very first love is on Haruna Sairenji~~~~~ (I'm a freak, yeah, i know it and don't intend to change it)

I love Japanese games, even though i can't read Japanese............ And my fav genre is Rhythm-based, action, fighting, and my most favourite is DATING SIM (Shame that there's only a few good english one, and most of it is flash game)

I don't do much sports, but i do love running
And i love arts, any kind of arts.

Oh, and i'm a self-proclaimed artist, feel free to request digital artworks to me

What more.............................

My galleries of ARTS!!!!

Btw, if you prefer biodata, here's mine:

Them Squibies:

Currently Roleplaying As:

Put This On Ur Page If U Do Role Play
Posted Image

"Adios, *ssholes"
Shinjiro Aragaki

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Click, dood!!!!


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  1. Photo

    Magiku Maggi Icon

    12 Dec 2013 - 01:51
    Happy birthday~
  2. Photo

    アマタ ソラ Icon

    30 Jul 2013 - 22:16
    Arg! I R still B. Anyway, so much work not enough time. If you have to, control them as you see fit. But no lovey dovey stuff. I forbid it on Hikaru :P
  3. Photo

    ЯΔïNY# Icon

    08 Jun 2013 - 09:03
    IDK. I found the pic somewhere in the Internet, got interested, so I used it.
  4. Photo

    ЯΔïNY# Icon

    08 Jun 2013 - 08:09
    I've completed the ooc,so the rest.
  5. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    11 Mar 2013 - 12:10
    GRRRR! I'm a shy highschool girl! But i love your picture of Marshall and Marcaline. who do you ship from adventure time? I ship Fionna and Marshall.... O///O *ii cant believe i said that i was a shy highschool girl* *double combo facepalm* *.*
  6. Photo

    artie☆ Icon

    15 Jan 2013 - 19:45
    Well balls I somehow completely forgot about VO
    (How do you forget about something you've been doing for like a year? We just don't know.)
    Thanks for the reminder :o!
    Also that's p awesome. And yet I still think RoTG Jack Frost prevails =v=
  7. Photo

    NightMoves Icon

    04 Jan 2013 - 23:43
    To be technical games are sort of like living a different life. So therefore I would have many lives, right? :D...I play too many video games :(
  8. Photo

    NightMoves Icon

    04 Jan 2013 - 10:19
    Ah. Well, I've been really busy with school. Trying to keep my grades up, ya know? I really dislike it when school starts to take over too much of my free time. It's like they dont want us to have a life...not that I have one anyway ^^;;
  9. Photo

    NightMoves Icon

    04 Jan 2013 - 09:57
    That's true...but I still want to be as active as possible! I guess other Rp'ers have just well...left. Maybe when school ends things will be more active, like they use to be!
  10. Photo

    NightMoves Icon

    04 Jan 2013 - 05:54
    Yea. To be honest I haven't been very active lately due to school and things. But I hope to change that! :D
  11. Photo

    NightMoves Icon

    02 Jan 2013 - 23:42
    Hello! Just decided to drop in and say hey since its been a while since we last talked. ^-^
  12. Photo

    artie☆ Icon

    25 Dec 2012 - 04:55
  13. Photo

    artie☆ Icon

    18 Dec 2012 - 20:25
    Oops. I'l try to avoid them from now on uvu! Sorry.
  14. Photo

    artie☆ Icon

    17 Dec 2012 - 02:10
    1. Not dubious or doubtful; certain.
    2. Not doubting; unsuspecting.
  15. Photo

    artie☆ Icon

    16 Dec 2012 - 20:28
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