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  1. In Topic: IA/04 & ONE/01 albums to be released in March

    Posted 22 Mar 2018

    The crossfade for IA/04 has been posted on YouTube

  2. In Topic: Vocaloids in the news!

    Posted 21 Mar 2018

    A bunch of chinese financial news sites have been talking about Luo Tianyi, Vsinger and Shanghai HENIAN the past few days. I'm having a hard time figuring out what they're about but i'm quite interested in what they say because this first article made a mention of an IPO (initial public offering) on an american stock exchange being or previously attempted to be filed.





  3. In Topic: Vocaloid Figures, Pre-Orders and Other Merchandise News

    Posted 20 Mar 2018

    Pulchra is doing a limited re-release of their Yuzuki Yukari Jun figure but in a larger scale

    A look at the air stewardess Miku prize figure on Hobby Dengeki

    A look at the new Racing Miku nendo on a recent GoodSmile Racing live stream (at 1:03:38)

  4. In Topic: Vocaloid General Discussion

    Posted 19 Mar 2018

    View PostNoirSuede, on 18 March 2018 - 02:01 PM, said:

    TBH for Vocaloid to be successful in the west the fandom needs to also get connected with people outside of the fandom and promote Voca, even back in Japan vocaloid wouldn't be anymore than a passing meme if the early vets like ryo and kz didn't promote it to their producer friends:

    Easier said than done in the west.

    You realize how difficult it is to find a vocaloid producer that an artist is willing to collaborate with let alone find a producer and artist(s) who have a similar music style even before a producer includes vocaloid in their music? And then you mix in how that artist's label feels about the idea and possibly how much/could a voicebank maker include their help to promote such a thing (both time & resources are a finite thing that even a voicebank maker as big as CFM could have issues with).

    Duets or songs that both include both human voices and singing synths tend to get a bit more attention here than song with synths alone. Sad Machine and Kill Jill got a decent amount of mainstream attention because it was something people weren't quite used to hearing. Hell, ODDEEO got his first million plays song with his remix of Karma Wears White Ties' "Chinatown" that used Gumi in it.

    A massive chunk of articles about vocaloid in the west is about how Miku is the future of music but the thing is that Miku has been around a long time and that future they have been talking about has been around for quite some time now, available for anyone who is willing to buy an editor and a voicebank. Maybe it's the usual promotional channels that are lagging behind when it comes to vocaloid because they are so risk averse to the point of no longer taking healthy risks that kept their channels growing over the decades. People forgot that radio in the states playing kpop and edm is a relatively recent thing because they waited too long to start playing way after it blew up big time online which could explain one of the reasons why corporate radio (such as iHeartRadio) is in deep financial doodoo at the moment. Do you think those radio directors who still somehow have their jobs even after pushing off playing BTS and Diplo for so long would be excited to start playing songs with Miku, Dex and Gumi in it?
  5. In Topic: Vocaloid General Discussion

    Posted 16 Mar 2018

    I was thinking about this the past few days.

    Would I be right to assume that Miku's main rivals are Luo Tianyi in China, IA in Japan and Gumi in the west?

    I mean. Vsinger has a very strong promo game over there even though producers there probably have it the roughest with trying to make money off of songs there than anywhere else in the scene.

    1st Place does do alot to promote IA & ONE but they kinda said in that PDF they sent to the japanese government that they wanted to start expanding overseas over concerns about the market shrinking for them in japan. I've notices the past 2 or so years that the views on IA and/or ONE songs & videos have been shrinking and I have no idea if that could be one of the reasons why they're handling IA English in such a dramatically different way. I'll leave that sort of 'Is IA English the New Coke of the vocaloid scene?' discussion back in the appropriate thread for it.

    Gumi is a bit of a difficult one to talk about. Gumi's promo back in japan used to be pretty strong with some figures, merch, a (poorly received) PSP game and a few concerts here and there including one thrown by the japanese government at a ASEAN summit. Those opportunities have disappeared the past few years leaving enough of a vacuum that 1st Place was more than willing to fill in. I guess it could be something kinda going on at Internet because Otomachi Una has been getting the merch love from the company instead of Gumi.

    But the reason why I said Gumi was doing well in the west because of how popular her english still remains to this day. On YouTube her english songs seem to be much more popular than Miku's english songs (and yes, I'm well aware the issues surrounding that first eng bank which doesn't help things for CFM in the first place) with a few more Gumi English songs with over a million views than Miku ones I counted out last night.

    I've been having concerns lately over the scene lately, but not to the point of making that same old dramatic 'vocaloid is dying' post that pops up every few months. People forgot that at one point there was three western companies developing voicebanks and now it's just Zero-G left.

    But i'm still very optimistic that with the right marketing, vocaloid in the west could get as big as it in Japan & China. There is some serious upheaval going on in the music media and celebrity culture in America with how iHeartRadio (formerly known as ClearChannel) starting to go belly up this week with no amount for glitzy awards shows and specials that will dig them out, Target & Best Buy starting to move away from selling CDs, music labels starting to see the value of pricey music videos not paying off very well anymore forcing acts to get more creative with music videos/promo and companies both small and large starting to see celebrity endorsements more of an risk than a benefit (why do you think large companies are much more willing to put Minions on their products than Chris Brown?). There are huge opportunities that will be starting to show themselves for the vocaloid pretty soon, but the community has to start looking out for them and make that huge push when they show up.


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    RuffAroundTheEdges Icon

    27 Aug 2016 - 03:25
    Do you know if the SAO VR interactive has anything to do with IBM Japan VR that was alpha testing SAO interactive VR?
  2. Photo

    RuffAroundTheEdges Icon

    26 Jan 2016 - 05:34
    Thank you for the information.
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    18 Jan 2016 - 19:00
    So, what is the Pepper Ghost Project? Is that a wireless network controller?
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    05 Apr 2015 - 20:37
    yooo do you have the source for your gumi profile pic? it's really pretty
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    01 Nov 2014 - 19:18
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