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Icon   exemplar I wonder how many days it will stay this fast

Topics I've Started

  1. ONE pulls out a gun to start some drama (again) in VRChat

    Posted 18 Jan 2018

    NSFW language and the relevant part starts at around 2:10

    Luka is just standing there, doing absolutely nothing about what's going on in front of her.
  2. IA 6th & ONE 3rd anniversary livestream from 1st Place

    Posted 18 Jan 2018

    From the IA World Page on Facebook...


    Hello everybody!What are you up to next Saturday night?
    Won't you celebrate IA and ONE's anniversary together?
    ■IA 6 th & ONE 3 rd Anniversary -Special Talk Live-
    ・DAY (Japanese time) … 2018/1/27(Sat) 19:00 – 21:00
    ・Featuring … IA & ONE / 事務員G(MC) / out of service
    ・Live streaming on
     - Facebook Live 「IA Wolrd Page」:https://www.facebook.com/IA.WORLD.PAGE
    Let's spend an evening together!

    Posted Image


    Some info in Japanese on their social media accounts

    Twitter- https://twitter.com/...915117988585472

    Tumblr- http://tumblr.1stpla...9%B9%E7%95%AAia

    NND stream page- http://live.nicovide...tch/lv310346436

    Since I knew a bunch of people are going to ask what time it starts in their part of the world, I plugged the provided start time into Time And Date. All you have to do is click this link to see when it starts in your time zone> https://www.timeandd...T19&p1=%3A&ah=2
  3. Kizuna Ai sings & dances to Popipo

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    (it's an official channel upload from her)
  4. New IA & ONE songs in Groove Coaster

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    4Gamer article (japanese) about this event- http://www.4gamer.ne...42/20180116057/
  5. IA's 6th anniversary appearances on japanese tv

    Posted 14 Jan 2018

    Rough mechanical translation


    TV information 1/15 (Monday) TOKYO MX1 "Ani ☆ Stephens ' corner show" Ani ☆ CC Salon "over three weeks, the varchar artist IA special broadcasting decision!! IA this year, greets the 6th anniversary of the birth of birth from current
    The episode broadcast in the show! For more information click here ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/IAProject/ #IA #VOCALOID

    That link sends you over to the IA Project facebook page with this being the top post in japanese with more details and broadcasting info for several asian countires (Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore & Mongolia) that also air the show https://www.facebook...9216885/?type=3
    Another rough mechanical translation


    【TV Information】 1/15 (Monday) TOKYO MX 1 "Ani ☆ STE" program featured in the special section "Ani ☆ Stezalon" over the course of three weeks, the special artist of virtual art IA decided! The first animation of the terrestrial wave A special feature broadcast of the virtual artist IA is on air for three weeks at the special feature corner "Anime ☆ STEALON" in the specialized ranking music program "ANIS STE"! This year, from the birth of IA birth to birth from now to the present , Broadcast with episodes in the program! Because virtual artist IA is content to be known in more detail, please do not miss it! 【Anime ☆ ST URL ___ ___ 0 http://anisong-station.jp/


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  1. Photo

    RuffAroundTheEdges Icon

    27 Aug 2016 - 03:25
    Do you know if the SAO VR interactive has anything to do with IBM Japan VR that was alpha testing SAO interactive VR?
  2. Photo

    RuffAroundTheEdges Icon

    26 Jan 2016 - 05:34
    Thank you for the information.
  3. Photo

    RuffAroundTheEdges Icon

    18 Jan 2016 - 19:00
    So, what is the Pepper Ghost Project? Is that a wireless network controller?
  4. Photo

    England Icon

    05 Apr 2015 - 20:37
    yooo do you have the source for your gumi profile pic? it's really pretty
  5. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    01 Nov 2014 - 19:18
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