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  • Joined:14-July 12
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  • Age: 23 years old
  • Birthday: January 7, 1995
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  • Producers: cosMo, Pinocchio

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Icon   Carrot I thought you were talking to me for a second, and I was very confused.

About Me

20-year-old boy. I'm from 'MERICA. I'm what is considered "feminine..." Probably because I don't swear, try to keep peace, I use "cute language," and I use emoticons. A lot. \o/
I'm Mormon (Christian). So basically, I don't like swearing or perverted stuff... But I'll ignore it if you are interested in it. *shrugs
Annyyywayyy more interesting hobbies and stuff now, I think...

First off, I love chocolate milk above all things. Cream o Weber low fat chocolate milk. It's like... Wow. Too bad it's NO LONGER SOLD IN MY STATE. *cries
I pretty much only listen to Vocaloid, but I do enjoy other music on occassion, like Nickel Creek. Oh, and video game music.
Gumi is my favorite Vocaloid, but I like pretty much all of them... It all depends on the creator. I used to not like Len or Gakupo for the most part, but then their appends came out. My favorite producers are cosMo and Pinocchio-P. Feel free to share songs/uploaders with me.
I hope to do something productive with my life... maybe I'll look back on my profile and be able to say, "You did it. You should never have been worried, you had it in you all along." Wouldn't that be nice?
I enjoy video games, although I'm very picky. I move from obsession to obsession. Pokemon, Touhou, Persona, The World Ends With You, Dangan Ronpa...

Uhhh I can't think of anything else to put in here. Bye?
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  1. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    19 Mar 2013 - 12:07
    My email is IchigoKagamine@hotmail.com
    And oh my glob we are like exactly alike! ^-^
  2. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    11 Mar 2013 - 12:06
    i loved your update! SO CUTE!
  3. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    11 Mar 2013 - 12:05
    sup....i have nothing to do! TT-TT
  4. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    19 Feb 2013 - 12:56
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! O.O *did i just say that?*
  5. Photo

    IchigoK. Icon

    19 Feb 2013 - 12:56
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! O.O *did i just say that?*
  6. Photo

    Tsuno Icon

    26 Jan 2013 - 22:49
    I wish you could've joined us. I wish there wasn't such a hold-up, but hey, what can you do; besides, I procrastinate too much too so ksdfjglkdfg
    One day we will learn how to draw amazingly, I promise you. uwu
  7. Photo

    Tsuno Icon

    26 Jan 2013 - 21:50
    That was perfect ; v ;
    My name is Tsuno. I'm also trying to get better at drawing digitally but to no avail skdjflksdjf
    I also know you from the VO Chorus-- you have a nice voice by the way ; 7 ;
  8. Photo

    Tsuno Icon

    26 Jan 2013 - 21:11
    /volunteers uwu
  9. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    12 Oct 2012 - 04:53
    I guess I'm kind of the same way. XD;; *high fives*
  10. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    11 Oct 2012 - 15:05
    I've never owned a Pokemon game in my life. xD; Sorry!
  11. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    10 Oct 2012 - 01:34
    Exactly. "Went out of business" as planned. All my plan.. Heheheh.. >:3
  12. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    09 Oct 2012 - 18:43
    *eliminated all chocolate milk that existed in the world before passing* x_x..
  13. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    09 Oct 2012 - 06:01
    *is nothing but a pile of bones now, dead from waiting*
  14. Photo

    Shinrayuki Icon

    09 Oct 2012 - 03:16
    I thought it was just an image :o didn't know there was a song xD
  15. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    03 Oct 2012 - 20:53
    *pokes le carrot right in the eye* =3
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