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KimbaWLion's Profile

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16-June 10
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Icon   KimbaWLion Well at least it wil be in the 40s as pour concrete today...

About Me

Anime has been a big part of my life for a very long time! Others may never get it
but that has never stopped me! If you have any anime related questions or want to discuss a series drop me a line!I always be the Toys are Kid that NEVER grows up...

I collect Pachinko machines, Anime OSTs, and other Anime and Japanese related things!
Imagine OVER 15 Anime and theme related pachinko machines lit up and playing with anime cels all over the house!

Some of my hobbies include headphones and Amps since I am into audio. I get complaints from the peanut gallery about my TV, Music,

Anime, etc. being too loud so I chose at the moment REALLY, REALLY good headphones otherwise known as "Cans"!
Please feel free to contact me about any audio and or computer issues I can help a LOT of the time!

My Dandie Dinmont Terrier (the rarest of ALL terriers) named Holly Go Lightly is ALMOST 14 now! And my Peruvian Guinea Pig named Popsicle is going on 5 now.
People find me odd and different, which works for as long as animals still love me!

IRL I am a Civil Engineer gotta have a job right? I am rather busy with 3-4 projects now some that will also be night work... (the horrors of management)
I am thankful I picked a profession where I can at least have, and can get a different job if I had too!
I since refuse to grow up and be a Toys R Us Kid it drives many nuts, I am only an adult with I have to be!
Chicks DIG giant robots...


My Information

Member Title:
VO's White Lion
Age Unknown
May 3
East Coast of America
Hi-End Audio including headphones
Computer Building and tweeking
Music from Progressive Rock to Classical to Vocaloid of course!

Contact Information

YouTube  Channel Link


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  1. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    01 Mar 2015 - 15:37
    You were at work all weekend? yuck...
  2. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    21 Feb 2015 - 14:31
    Concrete work is confusing....
  3. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    11 Feb 2015 - 15:06
    aww you work ;w; must be exhausting ;w;
  4. Photo

    Robo Malice Icon

    06 Feb 2015 - 04:29
    actually really recently in a facebook group. Must have been browsing it really deep. I had a ping on my evernote notations that stated i needed to tell you. I don't recall which group it was though. The shirt was a dead giveaway. You had a crazy huge smile and like a pumped up vibe about you in the imagery
  5. Photo

    Robo Malice Icon

    05 Feb 2015 - 23:09
    I'm pretty sure i came across you on either the otakon or katsucon (maybe even magfest) page...Pretty suuuuuuuure i did.
  6. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    04 Feb 2015 - 09:14
    is there a way to warm it up for you? ;w;
  7. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    03 Feb 2015 - 19:37
    how's life?~
  8. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    01 Feb 2015 - 09:19
    I've seen you around for a long time ^^
    I am bad at initiating conversations with strangers ;A; Halp
  9. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    29 Jan 2015 - 07:52
    well heya ^^ same (i seem to always stalk silently :o)
  10. Photo

    astroninja1 Icon

    29 Jan 2015 - 00:23
    on that stuff about your age in that one idolmaster MMD video thread, i have no question about your age, youve gotta be fairly old just to know who Kimba the White Lion even is XD
  11. Photo

    Ramus Icon

    28 Jan 2015 - 03:25
    Thanks :D
  12. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    27 Jan 2015 - 00:49
    Be safe........
  13. Photo

    The Kaito Stalker Icon

    26 Jan 2015 - 21:19
    Yeah I access VO by my phone...better than nothing, right?
  14. Photo

    The Kaito Stalker Icon

    26 Jan 2015 - 02:40
    Oh? I need data on my phone to do that...but I'll see it when I can, though : )
  15. Photo

    JiKanのYuMe Icon

    25 Jan 2015 - 21:55
    Yay thanks for letting me now.
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