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16-June 10
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Icon   KimbaWLion Life has been rather busy is an understatement...

About Me

Anime has been a big part of my life for a very long time! Others may never get it
but that has never stopped me! If you have any anime related questions or want to discuss a series drop me a line!I always be the Toys are Kid that NEVER grows up...

I collect Pachinko machines, Anime OSTs, and other Anime and Japanese related things!
Imagine OVER 15 Anime and theme related pachinko machines lit up and playing with anime cels all over the house!

Some of my hobbies include headphones and Amps since I am into audio. I get complaints from the peanut gallery about my TV, Music,

Anime, etc. being too loud so I chose at the moment REALLY, REALLY good headphones otherwise known as "Cans"!
Please feel free to contact me about any audio and or computer issues I can help a LOT of the time!
It's been over a year since I lost my Dandie Dinmont Terrier named Holly... :-( But through a friend we gained another new family Member! A Shiba Inu named Nike. Shiba Inu
We got her at 9 months and she is now a year and 3 months old. They are QUITE the handful but SOOO pretty! Everybody loves her so much! It is amazing how much I have missed having a dog around! Our
Peruvian Guinea Pig is doing JUST fine :-)

IRL I am a Civil Engineer gotta have a job right? I am rather busy with 3-4 projects now some that will also be night work... (the horrors of management)
I am thankful I picked a profession where I can get a different job if I had too!
I since refuse to grow up and be a Toys R Us Kid it drives many nuts, I am only an adult with I have to be!
Chicks DIG giant robots...


My Information

Member Title:
VO's White Lion
Age Unknown
May 3
East Coast of America
Hi-End Audio including headphones
Computer Building and tweeking
Music from Progressive Rock to Classical to Vocaloid of course!

Contact Information

YouTube  Channel Link


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  1. Photo

    Ciel Icon

    25 Jul 2011 - 02:12
  2. Photo

    neutrinoP Icon

    23 Jul 2011 - 22:02
    I'm back, stalking everyone ^-^
  3. Photo

    Haku Yowane Icon

    20 Jul 2011 - 23:09
    oh ^^
  4. Photo

    Haku Yowane Icon

    20 Jul 2011 - 23:05
    oh i see ^^ well im not bored anymore though i just downloaded random stuff & sims for fun XD
  5. Photo

    Neko Hime Mode Icon

    19 Jul 2011 - 18:47
    haha yeah xD thats partly where I got my name from x3 I love moonphase~ arigato for the thought though ^^
  6. Photo

    Haku Yowane Icon

    19 Jul 2011 - 11:18
    really? :3
  7. Photo

    Stormbringer Icon

    17 Jul 2011 - 13:43
    well i did not know how this comment thing worked. i thought commenting in my own page would show up on yours or alert you to a response.
  8. Photo

    Stormbringer Icon

    17 Jul 2011 - 08:14
    it is Elric's sword. yes :)
  9. Photo

    恨死你~ YUKI ~ HateDieU Icon

    14 Jul 2011 - 02:43
    THhanks :
  10. Photo

    Mister Malice Icon

    12 Jul 2011 - 15:48
    life has seen better days. i've been on a month's worth of worker's comp with daily doctor's visits.
    Ja, beyond that otakon is right around the corner
  11. Photo

    halla4763 Icon

    09 Jul 2011 - 00:07
    ill take a look at it later thx :3 right now not in the mood to learn lol.if i dont understnd it ill send it to my smartest friend he knows lots of math.
  12. Photo

    恨死你~ YUKI ~ HateDieU Icon

    08 Jul 2011 - 02:41
    Thanks Kimba, the situation got better now =DD
  13. Photo

    halla4763 Icon

    08 Jul 2011 - 02:20
    as far as what you said about two negitives numbers equaling a positive.....i dont believe you prove it.
  14. Photo

    Roselia Icon

    04 Jul 2011 - 23:27
    Lol, I saw that on Youtube some time ago. xD
    Ah, no, I haven't seen the movie. In fact, I'm only on episode 12 I think of the anime. :'c I've started so many animes that I lost track, lol. ; A ; But I planning to start watching it again once I finish CLANNAD After Story. Then all I'll have left to watch is Hell Girl, Gurren Lagann, K-ON Season 2, Bleach, Macross Frontier, and FML. ; n ;
  15. Photo

    Roselia Icon

    04 Jul 2011 - 22:35
    Yeah, Gumi was one of the reasons I decided to start watching Macross Frontier. xD
    I was curious how her voice actor sounded~
    And she has a really nice voice~! I like it a lot. And that's nice. All I do is lurk people's profiles, lol. ;'c
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