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Yato's Profile

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15,246 (8.51 per day)
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02-May 10
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User is offline Feb 22 2015 06:48 PM
Icon   Yato Did someone mention Lapis?

About Me

P̷̷̖̯̲͚ͥR̖͎̬͓̹̮͒̓́̆̆͘Ã͂҉̹̹̺̞̞̙͎̥Ǐ͉͉̱̺̘͇͔ͨ͡S̴͚͔̞̺̋̅͠͝E̮̟̦ͪ̂ͪ͐͟ ̷͖̘̚͟T̨̺͎̯̻̝̣ͫͨ̽͟ͅH̗̗̩̰̘̖͑̋ͥ͐͑ͨ̚E̢ͩͮ͐ͧ҉̹͔͚̼͡ ̸̸̝͙̣͈͔̫̻̬̄͆̈̅ͩͣL̨̖̦̣̺͍̏̀̔̕A̶̹̻̖̱͓̝̫ͯ͒ͨ͆͑ͤ͜͞P̤̣̗͓̰͙̽̂̇̀̑̂̾̓̀I̢̨̝̟̦̍̉̌͆ͤ̀S̨̘͓͕̓̾

Notice: I've stated before that I don't wish to be in charge of fanclubs anymore. No more messages please.

My Information

Member Title:
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Favorite Producer/s:
Ryuryu (BinyuP)

Contact Information



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  1. Photo

    astroninja1 Icon

    27 Jan 2015 - 03:15
    got a bunch of people that need to be added to the iroha fanclub member list
  2. Photo

    FrumpyMustardGas Icon

    12 Jan 2015 - 22:39
    Update yo fanclub, boi!
  3. Photo

    Pomelo Icon

    20 May 2014 - 05:30
  4. Photo

    lemonlime Icon

    24 Nov 2013 - 19:58
    It was the topic about junjun_kuroda on twitter.. right after I posted that wall comment I realized how stupid that question was so just disregard it. ^^;
  5. Photo

    lemonlime Icon

    12 Nov 2013 - 03:19
    Ah I don't want to post this in the thread you just made because unrelated but what's the producer's Romaji or English name? Their songs sound really nice ;v;
  6. Photo

    fka twix Icon

    17 Aug 2013 - 15:55
    Hey Kitty ! It's been such a long time i haven't talked to you ! I always want to talk to you on skype but i'm really shy so i can't ahhaha
  7. Photo

    bioloid Icon

    11 Aug 2013 - 17:30
    So you are Nebula's Resolution on YT? You were one of the first reprinters (maybe the first) that I found and subscribed to. Thanks.
  8. Photo

    astroninja1 Icon

    09 Aug 2013 - 09:47
    hey we really need to revive the Iroha fanclub. its only had 1 post in the past 8 months, and that was the 2nd of last month
  9. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    05 Aug 2013 - 14:53
    It's fine ^^
    somehow after looking at my comments, i changed :P
  10. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    22 Jun 2013 - 11:28
    I love you roi for putting Bacterial Contamination :3
    (Calne Ca FTW!!!)
  11. Photo

    Hiyoko Icon

    13 Apr 2013 - 22:37
    OMG you scare me >.<!
  12. Photo

    Pomelo Icon

    02 Dec 2012 - 03:58
    Long time no see Roi!
  13. Photo


    22 Nov 2012 - 04:33
    Are you NebulasResolution from YouTube? If you are congratulations on the subscribers.
  14. Photo

    kingboxfort Icon

    23 Oct 2012 - 20:45
    Can you update the Megpoid FC too?
  15. Photo

    astroninja1 Icon

    21 Oct 2012 - 19:09
    its been ages since you updated the first post of the iroha fanclub. you really need to get on that
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