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  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (42 posts)
  • Joined:05-July 10
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  • Member Title: vocaloid? wuts that?
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Birthday: April 26, 1985
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  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Interests: Programming, biking, video games, metal, anime
  • Producers: Nanahoshi, devilishP, XenonP

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About Me

I'm a Vocaloid fan from the north Europe. Software developer by profession, fluent in English and Finnish. I like programming, biking, video games and obviously Vocaloids. I also collect CDs, some figures and other Japan/anime merchandise.

Musically I prefer harder rock and metal, and thus I listen mostly to Vocarock. Some of my favorite producers are devilishP (ダルビッシュP), XenonP (AKA Sonic Hybrid Orchestra, SHO) and Nanahoshi. Other producers I like include 164, otetsu, buzzG and LIQ. I also like some other, more pop or electronica -oriented artists such as doriko, OneRoom/JimmyThumb and Clean Tears.

I'm okay with most Vocaloids, although Miku is still my favorite, followed by Luka, IA and Gumi. Namine Ritsu is my favorite UTAU.

I'm mostly hanging on the VocaDB IRC channel (irc://irc.rizon.net/vocadb) and lurking here. I'm the founder of VocaDB Vocaloid Database.
Join VocaDB and help us create the most extensive possible catalog of Vocaloid/UTAU songs and albums!

VocaDB Vocaloid Database
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  1. Photo


    22 Nov 2012 - 20:08
    Hows it going? :]
  2. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    26 Aug 2011 - 19:53
    He speaks in broken English in his emails to me. You can also friend him on facebook too if you like! ( PM me and I'll send you his page. If you want his cds they are available on World Disque this last I checked! I Commented on his vids on Youtube and he contacted and asked if I wanted his cds! Of course I said yes and that is how I have them!
  3. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    24 Aug 2011 - 23:23
    Well I have been collecting anime cds for more years than I'll admit too!. I am also a progressive rocker through and through so watching Tiny Symphony's MMDs and listening to his music is REALLY awesome! I have chatted with him personally 2 and he is a REALLY nice guy! His Vocaloid CD tops sales at World Disque 2 years in row too! :-)
  4. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    24 Aug 2011 - 02:14
    I have a few hundred anime cds and 3-4 Vocaloid ones... Here is an MMD by Tiny Symphony from one of the cds I own: http://vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/topic/4014-miku-rin-and-hchune-as-emerson-lake-and-palmer-be-amazed
  5. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    21 Aug 2011 - 16:07
    Always feels good to come back home...
    I as my profile says I collect cds too! Almost archaic in this world today but nothing actually holding the real deal... Oh hello btw. :-)I almost forgot to say that.
  6. Photo

    Thistledown Icon

    22 Jun 2011 - 02:41
  7. Photo

    riipah Icon

    30 Apr 2011 - 16:35
    Thanks everyone ^_^
  8. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    27 Apr 2011 - 01:43
    Hope you have a Happy Birthday!
  9. Photo

    x0verd0se Icon

    26 Apr 2011 - 22:01
    Happy birthday! Hooray for shared birthdays! ^3^
  10. Photo

    jjrjrhjUyou Icon

    26 Apr 2011 - 19:43
    Happy Birthday~
  11. Photo

    Tears Icon

    26 Apr 2011 - 18:10
    Happy Birthday~!
  12. Photo

    raypantoja Icon

    26 Apr 2011 - 14:18
  13. Photo

    ~chikagamine05vocaloid~ Icon

    26 Apr 2011 - 08:30
    hello Riipah~! Happy birthday~!
  14. Photo

    Chinchen Icon

    15 Dec 2010 - 08:59
  15. Photo

    The Nomitroid Icon

    12 Dec 2010 - 00:11
    so how it going? . w .
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