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spark300c's Profile

My Information

  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:617 (0.46 per day)
  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (411 posts)
  • Joined:10-May 14
  • Profile Views:14,984
  • Last Active:User is offline Jan 13 2018 12:01 PM
  • Currently: Offline
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Birthday: January 7, 1987
  • Gender:
  • Location: texas
  • Producers: porter robinson, MJQ

Contact Information

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About Me

my favorite style of music is melodic punk rock. skate punk and pop punk are my favratie sub genre of punk. I am neutral on electronic music.
my favorite bands are mxpx, reliant k eleventhy seven and hawk nelson.
favorite japanse vocaloid luka
favorite english vocaliod avanna
my favorite color is green.
my 2nd favorite color is blue.
reason why luka is favorite Japanese vocaloid is that she and avanna blend so well with each other. they generally balance each other out and mask each other weakness.
MY personify is INTP with strong si and fe.

my instruments
unbranded electric guitar with a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup
gameboy advance used for chip tunes

well I not story about how came fan about vocaloid is some what short. I became anime fan in 2009 when I saw gundam 00. once became anime fan I learn about miku exist but felt that there were only vocaloids that spoke only Japanese. On december 25 2013 crunchy roll had article about miku singing Christmas songs in english so I watch enjoyed the song in english become a fan of vocaloids. wile you most be wondering why did join earlier. well it was not intell I found avanna that what to know more about vocaloids and want to be part of the community.
I have degree in mechanical engineering tech. I do like to draw. I have deviant art page too. it is http://spark300c.deviantart.com I not best drawer but not the worst either. once upon a time I composed music on saxophone and wrote a song but singing is bad . that one thing I like about vocaloids they sing your song for you if lack skill for example to sing on tune require Absolute pitch. I generally like idea of machine playing notes for me since my timing is not the best and have trouble playing fast pace songs when I play my saxophone. I am Christian .

I am the first to upload a video of avanna on god tube.
I am likely could be the first westren Christian english vocaloid producer to make original
Christian song in english. The no way to know for sure
my recommend high tempo limit for avanna is 210 bpm. I not a clue for her bottom end recommend limit.
this best song I produce so far

I just released avanna EP title RAW on my Bandcamp page just put int spark300c.bandcamp.com to go there and it is free
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    mvcucumber Icon

    07 Jan 2016 - 20:34
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Photo

    SKAmanda Icon

    15 Oct 2015 - 19:49
    Hi, I meant to say this a lot earlier than now lol but it's awesome to see someone else around her who's into punk rock!
  3. Photo

    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    08 Jan 2015 - 19:17
    You're welcome!
  4. Photo

    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    07 Jan 2015 - 22:52
    Happy birthday!
  5. Photo

    spark300c Icon

    16 Jun 2014 - 00:56
    well I feel dumb.
  6. Photo

    Infinity Icon

    14 Jun 2014 - 18:33
    xD Greetbot-tan is a computer @spark300c
  7. Photo

    spark300c Icon

    11 May 2014 - 02:58
    thank you
  8. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    10 May 2014 - 10:42
    Oi spark300c, welcome to VO!
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