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SteamHeart's Profile

My Information

  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:41 (0.03 per day)
  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (30 posts)
  • Joined:14-October 14
  • Profile Views:6,182
  • Last Active:User is offline Aug 20 2015 10:01 PM
  • Currently: Offline
  • Age: Age Unknown
  • Birthday: Birthday Unknown
  • Gender:
  • Location: Somwhere Over The Rainbow
  • Interests: Stalking my favorite producers, cosplaying, buying crap...
  • Producers: Marz Mitzi

Contact Information

  • E-mail: Private

Icon   SteamHeart is currently laughing manically because she killed two people in a Steampunk duel, and she immensely enjoyed it.

About Me

Hello! My name is SteamHeart, And I'm a weeaboo vocaloid user who needs a life other than crying about robots. I joined mostly to keep track of the upcoming Engloid, Ruby, but considering this place is all about vocaloids, I'm going to be on.... ALOT.
Vocaloids I own: :oliver: :flower: :gumiv3: (Talk)
Vocaloids I'm about to buy: Ruby (when she comes out)
Vocaloids I want: :aoki: :merli: :seeu: :hio: :sweetann: :al:

Favorite vocaloid users:

1. Crusher-P
2. DystoP
3. PianoBench
4. Girffey
5. Momocashew
Uhm... since people usually just list off the vocaloids that they own here, I guess I'll do the same...

Owned: Oliver, vFlower, Megpoid Talk


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  1. Photo

    jeg_er▲イルミナティ Icon

    18 Apr 2015 - 02:53
    Hi~ Was browsing through the UTAU forum section and was wondering if you are still looking for a voice provider? It was from like October so I don't even know if you're still doing the thing .w.
  2. Photo

    xXpikoLoverXx Icon

    05 Mar 2015 - 06:02
    Another Marz Mitzi fan. <3 Hello! (I also like Krypt Creeper and Crusher-P. XD)
  3. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    14 Nov 2014 - 18:10
    XD lol me too
  4. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    14 Nov 2014 - 03:28
    No worries.... I'm all brain dead from school.....
  5. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    13 Nov 2014 - 14:44
    Sry I was at camp for a while and i had a mental breakdown there too so anyways sorry lol
  6. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    09 Nov 2014 - 20:13
  7. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    08 Nov 2014 - 03:25
    NP.. (NP= no problem) ITUT... (ITUT= I taught you that)
  8. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    06 Nov 2014 - 15:45
    dank chu (I'm in vocabulary class and i STILL can't spell lol)
  9. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    06 Nov 2014 - 03:03
    ~~~Feels very guilty.. Gives Miku Nendoroid back...~~~
  10. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    05 Nov 2014 - 18:06
  11. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    04 Nov 2014 - 02:07
    *takes nendoroid" (hehehheee)
  12. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    03 Nov 2014 - 21:40
  13. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    02 Nov 2014 - 19:50
  14. Photo

    SteamHeart Icon

    14 Oct 2014 - 12:15
    oh cool a Greetbot ^-^
  15. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    14 Oct 2014 - 11:46
    Oi SteamHeart, welcome to VO!
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