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About Me

Alrighty, time to actually do an about me page!
Last time I just wrote "Something"
Yeah, original I know...

For those of you who do not know me, I am Aikousen. You can call me Aikou or Ai, or any version you can think of. I am one of the Heta-Heads of this site. (and for those who don't know, a Heta-head is a person obsessed with Hetalia)I am technically Marii's counterpart. And I am a man no matter What people say, alright? That photo of me, Marii put it there and now I can't change it.

I have been on VO for longer than some people know. I joined late because I felt I needed a break, and now I am back from that break. I am a Gamer, and I love RPG's. My favorite is Eternal Sonata. And I suck at first person shooter games, but they are fun.

I am a musician and nothing in this world can compare to my love of Music. Music is the beauty of my life. I love to compose, and i play the piano. I also sing.

Personality wise, I can be calm sometimes, and very wild and crazy at others. Sometimes i don't mind having internet sex with people I barely know, sometimes I am against it. Some of my friends think I am bipolar, but....

Nah I don't think so...

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VO's Dragon Obssessed Freak of Nature
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Wow, you can't see me?

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