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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birthday: October 10, 1998
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  • Location: Somewhere where I don't know where I am... "o ~o
  • Interests: Vocaloid Series (Synchronicity, Night Series, Evillious Chronicles, Color Series),PS4, Warframe, Mac, League of Legends, Fantasy, Sci-fi, RPG worlds, action/combat, Roosterteeth (Red Vs Blue and RWBY), Pokemon (Pearl, White 2, OR, Sun/Moon)
  • Vocaloids: Kasane Teto, Iroha, CUL, Gumi
  • Producers: Akuno/MotHY, Manbo, niki

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Icon   Valkoor Lightheart Dunno where to throw a request, but if anyone can tell me, or be able to make a Teto version of a Gurren Lagann song, say so!

About Me

Welcome, reader! It's been WAAAAAY too long since this had an update from how many years ago. This has been fixed up since: Tuesday, Sep 12th, 2017.

I'm an on-off veteran of Vocaloid music, and member of VO. I often have 'died' and returned at later dates (metaphorically), due to the hecticness of life. I was maybe around last when V4 just became a thing on it's full release. Since then, I've kind of disconnected from Vocaloid, and just replayed whatever I have stored in my MP3 for Vocaloids. If you wanna know some of the older stuff I listen to, hit me up, or feel free to expose me to newer pieces you think I might like!

Part 1: Ever-Shifting Video of Moods
Part 2: (OLD, LIKELY 100% BROKEN NOW, JUST MOVE ON PLZ) SQUIBIES and other adoption/leveling critters
Part 3: Hobbies and enjoyed thingses
Part 4: Online games
Part 5: Vocaloid-related stuffs
Part 6: Previous Name Reincarnations on VO
PART ONE: Video;


Previous videos I've used on my About Me page (None of them are mine):
Borderlands 2 Intro set to Full Version of The Heavy's "Short Change Hero": https://www.youtube....h?v=a9hwuTzKvZA
Animusic: Pipe Dream: https://www.youtube....h?v=WjBDfZZQz54
Blue Moon (Galaco): https://www.youtube....h?v=IRQV7SP-KWA
Caffeine (RWBY Vol 2 OST): https://www.youtube....h?v=9sRwTQYG6Fk

Here are all my Squibies from my account called 'TakoLukaVsSquiby'. None of these are my own creations, and I have not made any due to terri-brue art skillz and no good programs. Please give the lower levels some extra love, along with some of the Pokemon adoptables below the Squibies (especially ~Om-mi~, that freaky-looking dark thing.). Also, PLEASE contact me (by PM) if any of the Squibies no longer link to their leveling page. I will fix them ASAP.


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Evolved Once So Far:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Fully Evolved:
It is not suggested to continue leveling these while there are still plenty of Eggs/unevolved Squibies to evolve.

Posted Image Posted Image

I recently found some Pokemon eggs in someone's old signature. Maybe I can have an omelet tomorrow morning~:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

PART THREE: Hobbies and things I like;

Gaming, RPGs, Vocaloids and most card gaming (mainly Yu-Gi-Oh!, but Choatic? Meh.) are a few things, I have watched somewhere between 10-20 animes (.hack stuff (movies too) would all collectively be one) and have read a bunch of and am still keeping up with a few Mangas (Manga over Anime about 80% of the time, oh so true for Rosario + Vampire), I'm a freak for elemental stuff (and I would rather just believe in the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth instead of other elemental sets, like those with only 3 or have earth, leaf, grass, metal, etc. as all separate elements. That just seems to irk me. Seems imbalanced to me I guess?), I also have a sweet tooth (and I try my hardest to keep it from devouring anything sugary in our house), and I side with the underdogs since I feel like one about 90% of the time in anything even slightly competitive.

PART FOUR: What I Play Online;

If you ever wish to find me elsewhere, here's as much as I can muster from memory:

PS4: Playstation Network/PSN name: PogMoThoin_ _ (No spaces between anything. It's two underscores at the end, one after the other.)

* I own every free monthly PSN game since January, 2014

* Includes just about every free online game there is to get from the store as well (Paladins, Warframe[en](?), Orcs Must Die!: Unchained and more.)

* Along with:

- Minecraft (PS4 Edition)
- Call of Duty: Ghosts (Yes, I'm aware this is 'soooo (# of titles later) games ago...' and I haven't played this in maybe years now.)

Computer Onlines:
League of Legends: I go my "My Reincarnation", I'm somewhere between bronze and silver when put in ranked. I main Ahri/Liss/Xayah Mid, Garen Top, Nami/Braum/Sona/Rakan Support/Bot, Lucian/Tristana/Xayah ADC/bot, and (the nightmare-fuel, Lolli)Poppy Jungle.

Even though it's a forum, Orichalcos Duel Academy (under the name Valkoor Lightheart, alt account is Valkoor The Returned atm) was my previous activity magnet and my first/'home' Acad forum amongst the how-many-other Duel Acad forums that exist (and may still) when I dueled people more on Dueling Network.
PART FIVE: Vocaloids;

Just gonna say some more Vocaloid related stuffs now.

Shipping: I care very little for this, and I dislike yoai pairings.
Shippings I pay little attention to:
Posted Image + Posted Image Iroha x Miku
Posted Image + Posted Image Piko x Rana
And a recent one since I've been hearing some duets with them both:
Posted Image + Posted Image Len x Gumi
Vocaloids Loved The Most: Kasane Teto Posted Image (#1!), Octo/Tako Luka Posted Image , Iroha Nekomura Posted Image , CUL (I don't listen to very much of her, but I like a few such as "Comet") Posted Image , Galaco (R.I.P. Galaco Original/Prize...) Posted Image , Luka Megurine Posted Image , Kaito Shion Posted Image , Megpoid Gumi (Manbo-Dead-Behind-The-House-P has some of my favorites, mainly due to the videos) Posted Image

Vocaloids Disliked The Most: Yukari (I'm sorry, but some of the stuff I found when looking at her eng sub stuff was kinda creepy for me so I've (sort of) subconsciously avoided looking up more. Forgive me Moon Rabbit worshippers!) Posted Image , Big Al (Doesn't sound right to me. Also, it turns out he wasn't related at all to Weird Al Yankovic the first days I'd heard of him. T^T) Posted Image

The Best/Worst Vocaloid Songs:

Best Song: Jitter Doll (Teto Posted Image Neru Posted Image Haku Posted Image Mix from one of the Project Divas ("F" I think))
Worst Song: Hello Kitty cover by Iroha Nekomura Posted Image . I don't have a good ear for noticing when tuning could be slightly better, but I could tell this was bad loud and clear.

Fave Vocaloid Series: The songs of Evillious Chronicles by Akuno-P/M.o.t.H.Y. . That thing is huge, and I haven't even looked at the covers of the books/manga. Must read soon and obtain the understanding of all these lives within the ECs.* A*

Fave Derivative Character Made From A Vocaloid/UTAU: Tako-Luka/Octo-Luka Posted Image , cuz she's so dang cute (especially in takoyak-- I mean, Tako-Luka Meguro Fever~)
PART SIX: Lives (names) I Have Reincarnationed From;

1st: Lu-Li-La Lad, my starting name with a stupid inverted gif of this one chick with a bag and leek as well

2nd: Valkoor Lu-Li-La Lightheart Cross between my old Wizard 101 name I have used commonly ever since I made my guy (Valkoor Lightheart, level 17 Balance male, never bought any cash or membership stuffs, ground levels by hand) and my first username on VO, above

3rd: Valkoor /LastElementalist/ I tried to go for /Last Elementalist/, but alas, no space for space... Also, I think the / / stuff is apart of some famous board stuff, isn't it? I hope no one gets wrong ideas.

4th: Valkoor (NotSoLuckyDragon) The opposite of what an old friend I knew in real life and online would call me when I went by Valkoor. The original was Valkoor the Luck Dragon I think from the Neverending Story. I have to dig deeper and confirm the name to make sure it was that. But yeah, just a reference to an old movie character (I think).

CURRENT: Valkoor Lightheart My classic name, described in the 2nd name-change description. Gonna stick with this for a loooooong while.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
^^ Thanks to Chickadee for the above sprites. Has your shop ever reopened? ^^


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    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    10 Oct 2015 - 22:50
    Seventeen! You know, you're almost an adult, Valkoor. Better watch out for maturity!
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    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    10 Oct 2015 - 12:37
    Oh happy birthday!
    And more than you know hehe >< How about you?
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    DayDreamerStratus Icon

    10 Oct 2015 - 07:16
    happy birthday btw~
  4. Photo

    DayDreamerStratus Icon

    05 Oct 2015 - 06:06
    OMG VALKOOR!!! I'VE MISSED YOU! it's me, DayDreamer :D
  5. Photo

    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    03 Oct 2015 - 20:19
    You came out of nowhere! You've been gone for so long!
  6. Photo

    Rylitah Icon

    30 Sep 2015 - 14:49
  7. Photo

    Florawolf Icon

    17 Mar 2015 - 06:26
    Thank you~
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    Mister Malice Icon

    14 Mar 2015 - 00:45
    cameras are dangerous things!
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    Mister Malice Icon

    14 Mar 2015 - 00:29
  10. Photo

    Mirai Yuuki Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 23:36
    Thanks, I probably hear that too much at school anyways...
    No prob ^_^
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    Mirai Yuuki Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 23:21
    Even though I made a stupid mistake that made me sound like an idiot, at least I reminded you.
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    Mirai Yuuki Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 23:09
    You told me about you thinking about this idea (the pic) and i said it was awesome.
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    Mirai Yuuki Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 22:11
    Teto with the glasses.
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    -NOT FOUND- Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 20:01
    "Purple Guy's Identity Finally Revealed By Scott!"
    I fell for it =_=
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    dreamer Icon

    12 Mar 2015 - 06:12
    lol the good old konami cheat =}
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