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BYTE01's Profile

My Information

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Icon   BYTE01 It is time to leave.

About Me

Hello there, I'm the one and only BYTE01! You can call me BYTE, it's shorter

My favourite Vocaloid is Rana :ranav4:

PS in case you are wondering: Miku is still one of my favourites, she comes right after Rana. But even if you won't be live it, I'm not a Miku hardcore fan anymore.

Vocaloids I also like are Miku :mikuv3: , Rin :rinv4x: , Stardust :stardust: and Yuzuki Yukari :yukari: !

Have a listen to my covers if you want! (Or don't lol)





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  1. Photo

    Mantis128 Icon

    25 Feb 2017 - 12:30
    I hope your rant isn't implying what I think it is. Just try to relax.
  2. Photo

    mvcucumber Icon

    29 Jan 2017 - 00:25
    Happy birthday!
  3. Photo

    Marric Icon

    28 Jan 2017 - 06:38
    Happy birthday, BYTE!
  4. Photo

    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    28 Jul 2016 - 12:04
    Hey! ^_^
  5. Photo

    Mermaid Festa Vol.Tri Icon

    17 Jul 2016 - 01:04
    oh, good! i forgot i put something there haha, and no problem! you're really fun to talk to.
  6. Photo

    Mermaid Festa Vol.Tri Icon

    14 Jul 2016 - 22:17
    sorry i haven't been able to talk much with you ;.; i don't go much on Skype
  7. Photo

    The Hatsune Miku Icon

    05 Jul 2016 - 22:46
    ~You probably don't remember me~
    ~But hi anyways~
  8. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    30 Mar 2016 - 11:46
  9. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    16 Mar 2016 - 20:11
    I'm glad you've had a relaxing time, rude outbursts aren't too common I'm glad to say. :D But feel free to send the mods a report if you do see anything you think might cross the line. Haha, but I hope things stay peaceful!
  10. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    16 Mar 2016 - 19:43
    Thanks for your concern BYTEO1, both members do use the same IP. However, we are not going to ban this member just yet in case they really do want more information, it's always good to make sure everyone is knows why they were banned! FOAM did receive a warning for extreme aggression, but in the interests of privacy I shall not link the deleted post. I hope that all makes sense.
  11. Photo

    EvengersRule Icon

    06 Mar 2016 - 02:36
    Haha thank you
  12. Photo

    EvengersRule Icon

    05 Mar 2016 - 20:28
    Wow really? Well, as long as you're happy.
  13. Photo

    EvengersRule Icon

    05 Mar 2016 - 16:38
    I see you comment on a lot of profiles! Then again it might be because they are your friends but still. Lol
  14. Photo

    Leah Icon

    29 Feb 2016 - 14:16
    Oh my god, that cover is so old. w It was one of my first Vocaloid covers with very shaky tuning. I have to re-do it some day... And sorry, but Miku solid is my baby.
  15. Photo

    Leah Icon

    28 Feb 2016 - 20:22
    Getting better at doing something is never linear. You'll get there! You're always welcome to send me some covers you think need improvement.
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