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03-May 10
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Icon   anarnee Been too long since I updated.

About Me

I'm an artist~ I draw mostly original characters as character design is my favorite aspect of art, everything from the physical design to the personality, but once in a while I delve into fanart. I write once in a while, mostly for mysel, but finding a good RP is always fun.

I've been a vocaloid fan for years, use to be very active in the old VO forums, and kinda stopped posting here for a while, but lately I've been much more active.

My favorite vocaloids are Kagamine Len and Gumi, though I really love them all (even ones that I claim to hate). I support ALL shippings, and firmly loving the lack of canon within the fandom. It is the user freedom, and the collaboration between Musicians, Artists, Writers and Choreographers that make Vocaloid special.

Some of my favorite producers are; MachigeriitaP, Mothy, LeleleP, Samfree, PepelonP, MineK, Shigotoshite, ShinjouP, AVTechNO, MermaidP, OrebananaP, GigaP, NataP, Niki, Tripshots, Kentai and PantanP~ But that only scratches the surface! There are so many talented producers, its impossible to list them all.

While I do love the technical aspects of vocaloid, I highly appreciate the fandom, and there are a lot of great songs that give them each character. I love to see humor and character in the vocaloids, its always interesting to see someones rendition.

I figure I would leave a few of my favorite works of each vocaloid here so I've compiled a list (did I mention I like lists?) of some of my favorites;

Nostalogic Yuukiss Change Me Shu-t Sad Song PaletteP Amazing Grace NanameueP Let's have a party! MineK

Separative Love MachigeriitaP What's Color ShinjouP Jarring ShinjouP Next Seasons Waltz Shaker Free Word Mind Game OseshiP

World is mine Ryo Sleeping Beauty 164 Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance MachigeriitaP Dance of Light IyaiyaP Paranoia MezameP

Harvest ShurabaP Ouka Ryouran MachigeriitaP Mermaid MermaidP CRYONICS AVtechNO Wraith UtsuP

Diva of the Moon Flower HadanoP New MilleniumShuujinP Innocent AVTechNO KeepXout RerereP (and CO.) Monochrome Dream Eater NemP

Hayate NataP Kuroi tou no Ouji MachigeriitaP Melody of Otodama MineK Magic of Happiness Naoki End of Sakura Heaven Yumeri

Palette Yuyoyuppe Akaihitoha KurosaP Luka Luka Night Fever Samfree

My Information

Member Title:
Friendly lurker lady person thing
Age Unknown
October 13
Disney World!!!

Contact Information

Website  http://kingdomkey.deviantart.com/
YouTube  Channel Link



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    Aoharu Icon

    29 Jul 2012 - 06:26
  2. Photo

    Sappokei Icon

    24 Mar 2012 - 23:24
    Anarnee, yo. I'M BACK ON SKYPE *CRY*
    Also wondering about the logo thing. Thank you <= that is thank you in American aren't I cool
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    Mister Malice Icon

    18 Mar 2012 - 06:48
    I don't even know ._.
  4. Photo

    Mister Malice Icon

    08 Mar 2012 - 20:35
    whoah what
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    Silk Koshka Icon

    03 Aug 2010 - 04:40
    My, my. This profile's looking awfully bare. D:
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