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  • Joined:04-December 15
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  • Age: 20 years old
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  • Location: Blue Small Shiny Dot in the Solar System
  • Interests: Producing music, anime, building stuff, wood and trees and stuff.

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About Me

Hello people of the Internet!

I am luzrr and I live in Washington USA but my home home is Las Vegas, Nevada...where all the desert rats like me live. I am 18 and I am very passionate about making and studying music. My goal is to maybe teach music or be that creepy hermit that makes music nobody listens to ;)

I have been a fan of Vocaloid since my freshman year in high school so about 4 years. I do not own any yet but I know I'll be getting some to show off :) (on/off actually listening to Vocaloid)

I love anime, making stuff n stuff with wood(I'm an amateur woodworker), making and studying music(as stated earlier), watching interviews and streams of my favorite musicians, and cell theory(don't even ask). I am normally around the Internet a lot trying to promote my music so I should be fairly easy to get ahold of if needed :)

Favorite animes:
Death Note
Deadman Wonderland
Elfen Lied (dat ending doe)
Kurokami the Animation (or sometimes referred to as Black God)
Attack on Titan (still watching)
Code Geass (still watching)
Death Parade (still watching)

Genres I write:
Folk(can't post anything due to lack of mic :c)
Liquid DnB
Classical (I guess that can be orchestra huh?)
Rock (mostly only wrote ideas so far)

And other than that I'm real into music theory :) ask me anything you'd like and I'd try to answer.. :3

I love deadmau5....he's my to favorite so if you wanna fangirl about da mau5, lets get it onnnn. I love classical music as well so if anyone has a link of their favorite classical musician hmu,, same with deadmau5 ;).

I'm socially awkward irl and even the Internet so I don't know what else to say soooo..
anyone wanna draw me a anime character for my logo? :3

i make music n stuff


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  1. Photo

    Donut Icon

    02 Jan 2016 - 07:29
    I'm curious. How do you pronounce your name?
  2. Photo

    Kevin Icon

    10 Dec 2015 - 12:25
    Hi! So lonely here on your profile^^
    You just joined and now post quite a lot, nice :-)
    Have fun here!
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