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  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:327 (0.44 per day)
  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (92 posts)
  • Joined:08-February 16
  • Profile Views:11,636
  • Last Active:User is offline Dec 21 2016 04:32 AM
  • Currently: Offline
  • Member Title: im writing that anime article i swear
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birthday: May 4, 1998
  • Gender:
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Interests: i want to die
  • Vocaloids: Yukari, Rin, Fukase, MAYU
  • Producers: Hikarisyuyo, YM, shr, cosMo

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Icon   hind Missed VO • 3• welcome back my brotatos

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hi im hind,18, and i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning i break my legs and every afternoon i break my arms. at night i lie awake in agony

but in all seriousness, please, i think im a nice person, let's be friends
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  1. Photo

    Daveybear_HTID Icon

    04 Mar 2017 - 08:02
    I see you're a Hikarisyuyo fan.
    Saaaaame. I don't usually find others who like his music as well :3
    What are some of your favorite jams?
    How much of his stuff have you heard? o:
  2. Photo

    -Andy Icon

    07 Jul 2016 - 22:05
    I'm super tempted on making a twitter since everyone is moving over there, plus vocaloid is dead on tumblr, so If I do make one I will tell you
  3. Photo

    paizuri wa sugoi! Icon

    22 Jun 2016 - 07:19
    *leaves moro chocolate bar on your table and moonwalks out casually
  4. Photo

    -Andy Icon

    07 May 2016 - 07:21
    I understand I will post it in the general discussion later
    Also Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! (im late)
  5. Photo

    Marric Icon

    04 May 2016 - 05:43
    Happy birthday!
  6. Photo

    SKAmanda Icon

    04 May 2016 - 01:18
    Happy birthday! :D
  7. Photo

    Aegis Icon

    20 Apr 2016 - 00:07
    And if youre determined enough, keep practicing! Im still learning and have been making a lot of songs, each time learning more about music, and improving!
  8. Photo

    Aegis Icon

    20 Apr 2016 - 00:04
    Hi Hind! Are you making music too? ^^ a tip i can give is to try and make a melody first while imagining what the music will be like. If that is too hard, you can make the music first with a base melody that you can change at the end. Thats what i did for gerbera. I added the new melody at the end to better match the music. I usually dont work on the vocaloid until the music is at least 70%...
  9. Photo

    AwkwardPastel Icon

    17 Apr 2016 - 15:58
    You just seem like a genuinely friendly person ^_^
  10. Photo

    AwkwardPastel Icon

    16 Apr 2016 - 12:03
    You seem cool tbh
  11. Photo

    Smile Phantomhive Icon

    27 Mar 2016 - 17:59
    @visitor comment thanks for the link!
  12. Photo

    ステーウィ1.0 Icon

    09 Mar 2016 - 11:41
    Well, at least u have a week of no school :p. Some colleges actually get a month of Winter break. I'm not sure if it's the same with Spring break
  13. Photo

    ステーウィ1.0 Icon

    08 Mar 2016 - 10:00
    Wait wat? At the beginning of March? Lol mines at the end of the month :p
  14. Photo

    ステーウィ1.0 Icon

    07 Mar 2016 - 12:10
    I'm good, hbu?
  15. Photo

    ステーウィ1.0 Icon

    07 Mar 2016 - 02:53
    Hi there!
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