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  • Member Title: I <3 Miku :3
  • Age: 17 years old
  • Birthday: October 2, 2000
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  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Interests: Vocaloid (Mostly Miku)
    Content Creating
  • Vocaloids: Hatsune Miku
  • Producers: livetune, wowaka, ryo, kz,

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Icon   UnrealMikuFan2768 's Dream Is To Go To A Miku Concert One Day

About Me

Hi I'm UnrealMikuFan2768. I'm Very New To This Forum So Please Be Nice.
I Love Hatsune Miku If It Is Not Obvious By My Avatar. I'm 16 And I Love Anime And Video Games.

Let Me Tell You A Story (lol i sound like a grandpa xD)

Many Of You Are Wondering How I Got Into Vocaloid

Well Im Going To Tell You
It Started 3 Years Ago When I Was Randomly Browsing The Web And I Heard The
Infamous Leek Spin Song And Then From The Back Of My Head I Remembered A
Similar Tune But The Difference Was The Voice Was High Pitched
I Spent Hours Trying To Find The Song
I Tried Searching Leek Spin High Pitched And Many Others
Then I Remembered A Website In Which You Can Sing And It
Detects The Song And Then I Tried And It Detected Ievan Polka
And I Got The First Part Of The Puzzle Then All I Had To Do
Was To Search It Up Online I Found It But I Didnt Knew Who
Singed It I Scrolled Down And I Saw A Cute Anime Girl With
Turquoise Twintails And I Clicked And Man Oh Man Was I Surprised
I Loved The Song (Btw The Song Was World Is Mine)
Then I Checked Out More Of The Character (Which Btw I Didn't Knew The Name Of Back Then)
I Scrolled Down And I Saw Another Song(Think It Was Love Is War)
And Then I Finally Learned The Character's Name
I Went And Searched More Of Miku's Songs And Bit By Bit
I Was Starting To Love The Songs
Then I Saw A Video Of Miku On Stage
And I Was Like -"No Way An Anime Character On Stage? I Gotta Check This Out)
And From There On A Dream Was Born I Wanted To Go To A Miku Concert
I Tried Showing Miku's Songs To Others But They Didn't Like Them
But I Didn't Care
From That Day All The Way To The Present I Love Miku And Will Continue To Love Her
I Really Wish I Could Go To A Miku Concert But There Isn't Going To Be One Near Me Anythime Soon.
I'm Never Going To Forget The Way I Found Miku And The Very First Song I Heard Of Her
And I Really Like The Fact I Found Her Because Now I Have One Of Her Games A Poster And I Will Probably Get A Plushie Of Her.

I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Little Story Of Mine The Story Still Continues To This Day.

Also You Can Check Out My Channel Here Is A Link. https://www.youtube....eEckZ0rSTFsBudg . Soon I Will Post Some Miku Content There

In This Spoiler I Have Compiled A List Of My Favourite Vocaloids From Most Liked To Least

Ok Thank You For Reading! Bye Bye Spread The Love For Miku xD
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  1. Photo

    Vocaloids2017 Icon

    11 Jan 2017 - 20:48
    Be sure to keep an eye out on websites like piapro.net and other official sites if there are any. Really hope she does an expo in europe or the UK sometime.
  2. Photo

    Vocaloids2017 Icon

    11 Jan 2017 - 20:45
    There was a miku concert in london on the 26th of feb but it wasnt on any of the official sites.
    I found it through a website called songkick.com.
    I hope we both get to witness one some day.
  3. Photo

    Kevin Icon

    10 Jan 2017 - 21:10
    That is hard to say there are a lot I really love and also it changes constantly.
    But certainly not a Miku English song.
    But please, if you have more questions, don't post them as channel comments.
  4. Photo

    Kevin Icon

    10 Jan 2017 - 18:56
    Future Tone obviously!
  5. Photo

    Kevin Icon

    10 Jan 2017 - 16:36
    If you really mean the PS3 controller, that was part of the "accessory pack" for Project Diva F2nd I think.
    My skin for my PS4 controller was custom made.
  6. Photo

    Kevin Icon

    09 Jan 2017 - 21:06
    Yes I am from 39dearMIKU.
    But really, you shouldn't post stupid questions like what you did as your first post...people will think you are just a strange teenager...
  7. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    29 Dec 2016 - 15:19
    Oi UnrealMikuFan2768, welcome to VO!
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