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  1. Photo

    Vivian James Icon

    14 Jun 2012 - 01:59
    one day i might get back into square's Final fantasy series...if they ever make another tactics or A3....
  2. Photo


    08 May 2012 - 02:02
    Happy birthday~
  3. Photo

    Alexander The Great Icon

    07 May 2012 - 23:56
    happy birthday
  4. Photo

    Matangi Icon

    07 May 2012 - 23:37
  5. Photo

    AViA_REmAkE Icon

    07 May 2012 - 10:51
    hello..:) happy birthday..~^^
  6. Photo

    sleepysheep7 Icon

    04 May 2012 - 03:12
    Indeed now grab a hold of my magical fluff and fly into the cotton candy sunset with me!
  7. Photo

    sleepysheep7 Icon

    03 May 2012 - 07:39
    It's magic that's what.
  8. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 20:40
    Why I am everywhere. It's natural to share the moe-moe with everyone.
  9. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 20:03
    I arrest anyone who deserve a little punishment, under the influence or not, sweetie-pie.
  10. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 19:50
    I'm such a Pokemans Masuta I had to become a Sheriff-Waitress. And good thing I have many cells.
  11. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 19:38
    Why how'd you tell I'm a Pokemans trainer.
  12. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 19:24
    Well if you're gonna make a deal, make it quick. I got other crooks to pick up.
  13. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 19:11
    If you think there's gonna be funny business, think again darlin'. You're under arrest and will be spending an unconfirmed amount of time in the cells. /handcuffs
  14. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 18:44
    Or perhaps I take pleasure in watching beings behind bars. But...it looks like my waitress skills come in handy on the job. Now finish so I can cuff you. /BAM!tea
  15. Photo

    Cluemily Icon

    29 Apr 2012 - 18:20
    Why I can't refuse lockin' up someone. Just let me go and get my handcuffs.
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