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GreenFantasy64's Profile

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  • Joined:19-June 17
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  • Member Title: That Kaito/MiKai FanGirl
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  • Birthday: February 6
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  • Interests: Reading, Writing, and drawing.
    : )
  • Vocaloids: Kaito, Miku

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Icon   GreenFantasy64 Listening to Sunflower of Parting Regrets is not good when thinking of your future book...

About Me

Posted Image Kaito is my Lord and Savior. ;3 Posted Image

Hi, I'm GreenFantasy64. : )

Posted Image But seriously, Kaito is my favorite vocaloid after I fell in love with his voice thanks to WhiteFlame's song, Cantarella. Then Judgement of Corruption, Cendrillon, and probably several others. All in his first bank in the year of 2010 when I discovered Vocaloid and went into youtube. I listened to covers of him of other songs too. I was sad Kaito wasn't popular enough to be feature in the concerts a lot. Even more so when I learned of his history. (;_;)

Posted ImageSo I'm glad I got to buy Kaito V3 in a boxed version to show my support. He is also my first owned Vocaloid! Hopefully one day Miku v4 will be next! : 3

Posted ImageMy profile picture is a copic marker drawing of young Kaito that I did! The clothes is from Cantarella Grace Edition also. : D
The one with Miku is also the one I did myself. (^_^)
I am an Aquarius fanfiction and a self-published author! <3
My youtube account is a mixed one. : P Ranging from me talking about writing, doing copic marker drawing, and (hopefully soon) more vocaloid stuff. Right now I have a cover of Snow White Princess done by Kaiko (Kaito's genderbend version) and Kaito's cover of Situation of Mine by MakkuSan. Next will be a cover of Fade by VocaCircus which will be a duet of Kaito and Miku. : D

Posted ImageI don't know Japanese but I do have a small inch to learn that language (and maybe Spanish again cause I was awful at learning it; don't even make me try to roll the 'Rs' because I can't! X D) so that I can maybe make original songs for Kaito(Jap).
If anyone knows any good videos or websites to learn Japanese please tell me so i can start learning that language please. (^_^)/

Posted Image Original Songs that i am working on: Posted Image
Black & White -- InProgress | Might remake it later on cuz i need to fit some parts up...
Miku V4 Song -- Was going to be for Miku Expo 2018 Contest, but i might just make it a duet with Kaito because i need someone that can make an instrumental for it for me....plus she really does nice with Kaito even if the songs sounds sad.....| Completely English.

Posted Image If Kaito gets a Spanish Voicebank i will learn Spanish once more (Same goes to Miku) Posted Image

Until next time...

Vocaloids (and UTAUloid) that I own:
:kaitov3: :teto:

Vocaloids that I want next:
:miku: (V4x bundle) :dex: (Kaito v4/5...)

Vocaloids that I might want...?
:fukase: :meikov3: :lukav4x: :rinv4x: :lenv4x: :daina:

*If I learn Japanese maybe...need to listen to good songs of them also...other than ATH videos.....*
*Hiyama Kiyoteru ( Does he sound good with Kaito? Hmm...)

Wait, what is that noise? Oh, it's my empty wallet weeping....

Fanclubs I am in:

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Thinking of joining Kaito's fanclub.
Kaito's icon by BambooGarden101
Vocaloids (and famous UTAUloid) that I own:
Posted Image Posted Image

Vocaloids that I want next:
Posted Image Posted Image
*Sprites are from BambooGarden101!*

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hoping to join Kaito's FanClub. Until next time...


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  1. Photo

    ZAR-PARTY Icon

    19 Mar 2018 - 17:21
    Maybe when I make a remaster of it, sometime this year. I don't want to send the crappy thing that it currently is to anyone.
  2. Photo

    ZAR-PARTY Icon

    13 Mar 2018 - 19:10
    ... cosplayers and fans, who I told that I will upload the song onto NND on August 31st. Good that I didn't promised it to be 2017. LOL
    Currently I work on a simple "good night" song by Miku though.
  3. Photo

    ZAR-PARTY Icon

    13 Mar 2018 - 19:02
    Murzik is pronounced the same way like you'd pronounce any Japanese word but it's not a Japanese name, it's Russian. Something like "Moorzeek" with a Z like in "zoo", unlike the strong German Z in "zar" (English: tsar).
    The Kiyoteru song is slowly going forward. I don't remember if I told this before but I recorded greetings by, like 20, cospla...
  4. Photo

    summers50 Icon

    19 Jan 2018 - 08:52
  5. Photo

    Move->Forward Icon

    03 Jan 2018 - 22:21
    Yes, I am! :D And I see that you are, too! Hope it goes well!
  6. Photo

    ZAR-PARTY Icon

    12 Dec 2017 - 16:59
    The last time I logged in, I still could read signatures when I selected the "old" VO Basic skin. Try it out!
  7. Photo

    ZAR-PARTY Icon

    12 Oct 2017 - 12:36
    Thanks, I like yours too!
  8. Photo

    Hatsune-hakase Icon

    08 Oct 2017 - 20:14
    Hey! I notice you're not in the Miku FC. No pressure, but if you do want to join, all you have to do is ask!
  9. Photo

    idoltrash69 Icon

    15 Aug 2017 - 22:16
    My favorite channel that makes spanish covers with jp Vocaloids is Cilix Izumi's, you should really check his stuff out:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYvK4uTr7GhnXDvX_SAn-Q
  10. Photo

    sleepysheep7 Icon

    14 Aug 2017 - 05:35
    just remember that the fake roll will be very robotic when done.
  11. Photo

    sleepysheep7 Icon

    14 Aug 2017 - 05:26
    Most of the phoneme for Spanish you can get in a Japanese bank. The only two that you will have trouble with are the [u] sound and the [rr]. [u] can be somewhat replaced with [M] in Japanese but it will be accented. [rr] is the rolled R; to do it in japanese, you will need to make a bunch of [4 a_0] together that are very small in length. this will make the engine produce a fake roll.
  12. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    19 Jun 2017 - 22:59
    Oi GreenFantasy64, welcome to VO!
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