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  1. In Topic: Is it OK to sample a vocaloid into utau?

    Posted 10 Oct 2017

    View Postsleepysheep7, on 04 October 2017 - 06:55 PM, said:

    Technically; yes. The Spongebob voice bank is also illegal because they did not ask Tommy Kenny (the voice actor of sponge bob) if they could do it. This violates the EULA of UTAU. However, will Mr.Kenny and Nickelodeon actually go after them? Probably not. Mainly because UTAU is way to small of thing for them to notice or even care about. However, you really shouldn't do it because it still can open you up to lawsuits. Especially if you redistribute that voice bank or any other that you did not originally make yourself or get permission from the original voicer. Like I said before your safest bet is if you didn't make it or get permission, don't use it.

    Oh, well from looking at all these "jinriki UTAUs" i listened to, i guess the only way for it to be safe is to keep it private and hope that you're not the 1% of utau users that got a lawsuit.
    (Sorry about not replying sooner, i didn't get a notify)

    View PostRylitah, on 05 October 2017 - 03:26 AM, said:

    They're called jinriki UTAUs -- UTAUs made from an outside source without permission (like that Spongebob UTAU; it's also popular to make UTAU out of anime characters on Niconico in the Japanese fandom; cillia/kyaami herself has also made jinriki UTAU out of Touken Ranbu characters).

    They're indeed illegal, but most jinriki users (on Nico) at least try to keep it lowkey as much as possible, making it only so that people in the fandoms they're making those UTAU from can find it (though they're not very hard to find anyway, it's mainly so people looking for the songs they're covering won't randomly stumble across them).

    Making a Vocaloid into an UTAU is a bit different, I think, since, well... you can just use the Vocaloid itself in that case. But some people are curious and do it anyway, or just like the interface of UTAU more.

    No one can really stop you from doing so, but at least don't ever plan on or even think about distributing them. Nobody cares enough to come after you with a lawsuit, but most people seem to at least generally agree on never distributing voicebanks like this.

    edit: this thread is from August orz... well if OP ever comes back then I guess the second half of this post will be relevant

    Thanks for the info. :)

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  2. In Topic: Is it OK to sample a vocaloid into utau?

    Posted 5 Oct 2017

    View Postsleepysheep7, on 13 August 2017 - 09:34 PM, said:

    Short answer: no, it is still not okay

    Long answer: Both programs have an end user agreement that say something along the lines of " you are not allowed to reverse engineer the program or voice banks/ you are not allowed to use someone else's voice without permission".

    Do you mean only with vocaloids? Cause i've seen/heard spongeloid and that squidward cover of circles and nobody seems to be frowning upon those. I'm still kinda new to the utau, what are these type of utaus that uses voices like spongebob called?
  3. In Topic: What don't you like about the UTAU fandom?

    Posted 30 Sep 2017

    idk, but for me and my experience on the utaforum, people were very confusing there. They were kinda helpful when you didn't know what was what, but when you're still new and have some problems like asking a specific they won't answer and just ignore you or be rude. (And by rude i don't mean criticism I'm not "that" sensitive)


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    27 Sep 2017 - 22:10
    Oi CGIS, welcome to VO!
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