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Icon   vocalofan I'm noping the heck away from that AE thread...not today Satan, NOT today.

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  1. In Topic: Miku to make a cameo on children's bullet train anime

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    It appears Miku will have her first *Real* anime debut!


    Shinkalion started out as a toy franchise from Takara Tomy in which various real-life shinkansen bullet trains can transform into fighting robots to protect the world. On January 6th, 2018, the anime adaption of the toy line from OLM Inc. will begin airing on TBS.

    from VNN

    VNN said:

    According to Shinkalion‘s official site and press release, Miku will be appearing as a stoic 11-year-old girl named Hatsune Miku (name written as 発音ミク as opposed to 初音ミク, but pronounced the same way) who aspires to become a Shinkalion pilot. Hatsune Miku hails from the Super Advanced Research Center, Hokkaido Branch, is great at both studying and kendo, and loves going to the Hakodate City Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Mashu-Maru. She will piloting the Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa, and will serve as a rival to the show’s main character, Hayato Hayasugi.

    Beyond that, details are still scarce. Who Hatsune Miku will be voiced by, which episode(s) she will appear in, and whether she will be part of the regular cast or just a one-time cameo character are all still unknown. However, fans will not have to wait long to find out, as the anime is set to premiere next Saturday, January 6 [size="2"]
  2. In Topic: Best Starting Vocaloid?

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    Miku V4 English is the best Crypton english in terms of quality, and the Cybers are your best bet for Native vocals.

    non-english VOCALOIDs who are great at english are LUMi and MAIKA. Ones Japanese, the others Spanish. Both can give you pretty great english results

    tho you'll need to use a English to Maika or English to Japanese phoneme conversion plugin to fully use them in english.
  3. In Topic: Vocalistener... What happened???

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    View PostHeruru Meruru, on 19 December 2017 - 07:04 PM, said:

    It would have been nice if instead of trying to perfectly recreate the original singing, it had an option to simply transpose the notes of the original singing, allowing you to tune it yourself. It would be useful to allow people that can't play by ear or read music to create songs.


    This website pretty much does exactly that lmao

    Acapella + This website = Midi + VOCALOID = Base VsqX
  4. In Topic: LUMi English test

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    View PostCampfire Lass, on 04 January 2018 - 11:17 PM, said:

    Ah I see yee I haven't used a Japanese voicebank for English in a hot minute and I don't think dh is even a Japanese phoneme (someone correct me cause I'm a mess rn) and yee I only had the experience with Lumi's demo and she was... her voice I love but her phonemes are something else. Maybe try the _0 after her t's/d's then idk how she would handle those? ^^

    Ironically the _0 barely does anything for her except almost mute her samples entirely, and when used on her power range, _0 responds like if it was used on a Engloid and she becomes all Buzzy sounds like the Bre filter was set to max.
  5. In Topic: LUMi English test

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    View PostCampfire Lass, on 04 January 2018 - 10:42 PM, said:

    It sounds good and I can't imagine Lumi's vb is easy for this type of thing my suggestion is to use d or dh instead of t and on round I would honestly not even use a d for it just roun ^^

    Thanks for the suggestions Lass !!

    Tho in LUMi's case her D is too much of a clear D sound to use as anything other than a D, her b also has this effect. And her "dh" doesn't work on it's own at all. I tried both d and dh just now and she just blanked out on dh. tho hearing her say "Ride" was cool.

    And in the case of "Round", I'm more along the lines of displaying how "english" she can be, rather then trying to match the song itself---I do plan on making the full cover just say "roun" tho!

    And Actually tbh the only part that took long was "record", the rest was easier then using Miku's english or even Cyva. The rest sounded great with just a straight phoneme conversion. (Her spin is a lil gooky sounding tho, poor girl)