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Icon   vocalofan I'm noping the heck away from that AE thread...not today Satan, NOT today.

Topics I've Started

  1. LUMi English test

    Posted 5 Jan 2018

    Here's my lil test with LUMi's english


    Lol I noticed I had "TEST" in the title twice lol


    My tuning edits are basic but whatever lmao
  2. Is LUMi worth it?

    Posted 23 Dec 2017

    I'm getting her trial, but I'm thinking about just pulling a "fuck it" and just buy her instead like I did with Flower V4.

    Is she worth buying like that or should I play with her Trial first???

    Bc I've seen people saying she's terrible or not worth the money???

    Advice appreciated.
  3. V4 Flower's Material Voices Buying Issue??/

    Posted 12 Dec 2017

    I'm trying to Get her Material Voices but it's saying that It only accepts Japanese Credit cards??? (Regardless of having a English and USD Translation)

    Anyone have any idea what to do??

    Edit: I sent their store an Email but i have yet to get a response.
  4. LIA (voicer of IA) Singing Happy Birthday

    Posted 8 Dec 2017

    ((Mods feel free to move this if it's in the wrong spot)

    LIA has this on her Instagram Lia singing Happy Birthday

    Not a whole lot there, but it's something. (And it's beautiful holy crap)

    But woah This makes me excited for IA english.

    What y'all think? Does this change your Opinion on IA and her English bank? Is she worse then expected, or better?
  5. Studio one 2/3 issue

    Posted 7 Dec 2017

    I updated studio One artist 3 and all the Instruments and extras that came with Studio one 2 vanished, even Piapro studio

    Any idea on what the hell i did wrong???