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Icon   Yanderu Tired as hell

Topics I've Started

  1. I'm Bored and I have no Ideas...Give me sum plz?

    Posted 16 Jan 2018

    I'm bored and I have a lot of banks to work on.
    Here are some I am currently making:
    Korean VCCV
    Mandrian VCCV
    English VCCV
    Spanish VCCV (Aura and Aku-P lists)
    Japanese VCV Appends (Island (Soft and girly voice), Strong, Power and, Kire)
    That's it. Recommend me any language any recording type from CV, VCV, VCCV, CVVC if there is no reclist for it I'll make a reclist for it and release it with the bank.
  2. Does anyone have VCV reclists for these languages?

    Posted 10 Dec 2017

    Here they are:
  3. K3V1N V2 Japanese + V1 Chinese VCV beta downloads

    Posted 5 Dec 2017

    Wondering if anyone wants to test some of my beta banks when I'm done with the recordings. If you do please PM/Reply to me. If you have any questions ask me!
  4. English VCV For UTAU

    Posted 4 Dec 2017

    Give me your opinion!
  5. Veitnamese VCV For UTAU

    Posted 3 Dec 2017

    Hey There! So recently I came across this tool so I thought "Hey why not make a Vietnamese VCV reclist?" So I made one, and here it is. The download is at the bottom! :D

    Bank Details:

    Aliasing Method: English X-SAMPA with Vietnamese differentiating North and South consonant.
    Pronunciation type: B(SOUTH & CENTRAL)

    There is no need to contact me the reclist comes with a pronunciation guide. For X-SAMPA just search it on DA or YT.
    Also make sure to credit if you release a beta or show off the bank.
    Another thing is tell me if you downloaded and link me to your release/beta video!
    (I'll add to it later)

    Here's the download:

    EDIT 12/3/17
    The new list is out.
    List specs:

    Mora: 5
    Ending V's and VC's

    EDIT 1/13/18
    Mora 7

    -Yanderu(\;^;/) :takoluka:


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