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Icon   Somebodyrandom ...Is it wrong to say something negative on a new Vocaloid when everyone else is being so positive???

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  1. In Topic: Creating my own vocaloid

    Posted 7 Mar 2018

    View PostHaniko, on 06 March 2018 - 07:38 AM, said:

    CeVIO was willing to cooperate, but the valuation exceeded my expectations ... Unfortunately, but even if the parents will contribute to this project, I will not have this amount. I was expecting a few milions yen, it turned out that the costs are bigger...

    Considering PowerFX put up $10,000+ for development, these things aren't cheap. ¬_¬

    Listen kid, this is getting sad, just make a UTAU.



    You might as well just make a UTAU--- after the Project VIVI bullcrap, YAMAHA has almost entirely stopped new English companies from joining.

    I thought they have been like since as far back as Alys. Basically pre-V4. Nothing to do with Vivi. The problem is everyone who keeps approaching Yamaha is a small-bit company whose projects could collapse at any moment. If someone with some stable name claim approached them they'd likely accept due to the business value. :-?

    But this isn't going to happen as Vocaloid is still a low-profit product and doesn't sell hundreds of thousands of units. Just a few tens of thousands.
  2. In Topic: Where do we go in a post VO world ...

    Posted 5 Mar 2018

    I'll miss it also.

    But I've been here since 1998/9 many times. Forums shut down, crowds move on. I don't know anyone from the Beyblade fandom of 2003/4, When a forum closes, the entire forum just doesn't get up and flock to a new site, they disperse among secondary ones. Meaning, when this place goes, since the same people aren't around, you will never recreate its atmosphere for good or bad . The community isn't the same people with the same ideals. For all the issues created by this forum, when this goes its the end of an era that cannot be re-captured, as it always does.

    You can have similar or different experiences, but never the same, unless all the same users get up and go to the same place... But if 1 person who made the old place enjoyable doesn't go, then that's their in-put missing and it can often be the 1 person who was needed to make a community work. As while a community is made of many people, there are always stand out people in the crowd who make that experience good or bad. :-?
  3. In Topic: Creating my own vocaloid

    Posted 5 Mar 2018

    View PostHaniko, on 05 March 2018 - 06:12 PM, said:

    I won't lie - my parents agreed to contribute to the project, so that they would pay back this money in the future. If Yamaha/Zero-G refuse, I still hope to cooperate with CeVIO Creative Studio.

    CeVIO only covers Japanese right now and though hints English may come, past people have contacted them and had 0% results, as Alys' group found out which is why they went with Alter/ego. A/E is off the table as Plogue have stopped working on it. I wouldn't even bother with CeVIO until they release English or have any hope. There is more chance with Vocaloid until then and as said... Already low, low chance. Lower then Vocaloid right now.

    But it just doesn't happen, fans just don't get to become vocaloid providers until they are given the chance, that ship sailed likely soon after Rose rejected PowerFX's offer to work with them when PowerFX offered groups the chance. Nobody else accepted it. Rose' group left over the Ruby incident, which was created by Anders. Even if you do end up with Zero-G, note they offer almost 0% input on the Vocaloid post provider, which is why Syo went with PowerFX. An if Ander's had made it clear, none of the Ruby incident would have happened, though PowerFX may never have accept Ruby either as they wanted a Vocaloid to sell to the EDM crowd, Ruby wasn't what they thought they were getting.

    Even if you get the Dev kit, you can't just announce you have a Vocaloid in dev, Vivi's devs were told they made a mistake by announcing her ahead of getting a company to release her under, as jeopardizes studios chances as you unveil details before you have substance, most like before you appear unprofessional, like you can't keep things confidential but who knows why. like with Alys also... Gives people hopes and makes them angry when the project can't be released as a vocaloid.

    I get the idea some of the others are trying to be nice to you, but honestly... To me alone, your just another person on a pile of 8 years of the same old thing... its annoying when people turn up wanting to become a vocaloid at this point when most of us know the outcome is grim for anyone trying. ITs why they suggested UTAU to you, and honestly. Just make a UTAU kid. ITs what everyone eventually turns to. Luckily VO forums isn't like it was at 2010, or people would have been laughing at you.
  4. In Topic: Why doesn't Merli have a last name?

    Posted 5 Mar 2018

    View Postmissy20201, on 05 March 2018 - 02:05 PM, said:

    I vote for updates with a Merli redemption arc :P

    I stopped updating Lapis and Merli's pages on the wikia when people cared only for the fact "OMG there is now a tanned skinned Vocaloid" and nothing else about Merli...Like... The Lore behind the pair. To be honest... There isn't much more lore then this to the two girls name so I haven't really had the need to update it. Even the reason for her having dark skin... It was just to stress "she is evil"... Well Maybe not evil as "Antagonist" don't ness. have to be evil, they can just be misunderstood since their morals or powers or ideals oppose the protagonist. And its never stated she is evil... Just an outcast.

    Reminds me a little of Starfire and Blackfire from DC Comics... The comic book versions not the cartoon versions. :-/

    To me, this is the problem with Vocaloid lore; last week I was arguing with someone over Mayu being officially a Yandere or not. Because Crypton abandoned the lore of their own Vocaloids and other studios don't always include it, the little lore of vocaloids that do have them get largely ignored.How often are the pair even referenced as Fairies let alone their abilities?

    Plus the Chinese vocaloids knocked Vocaloid background stories out of the park and people just didn't like them. So I think Vocaloid lore is something people like but also don't always like.

    I will say this banner, which was mentioned in this wikia thread and is official artwork that was sold by their company and is cool;


    Screw it I'm adding more!

    One of the biggest issues I've had with the pair is while they took ages for both to be released initially they haven't had a V4 version. They've been added to the mobile editor but nothing else has been done. I keep expecting something new from their company like... I dunno... Maybe another character or an update to Merli or Lapis.

    IT feels like the biggest single waste of the little Vocaloid lore we have thus far.

    I also will note by the creators that when they had the name process competition going on, they had mentioned they would accept a last name or a single name. So it was once possible Merli could have a last name, which wouldn't have been "Aoki".
  5. In Topic: Why doesn't Merli have a last name?

    Posted 5 Mar 2018

    If you read the lore on the two, Merli is an outcast of her race as she was born with the ability to drain life as she sung instead of giving energy like Lapis. Lapis despite being the younger sister is regarded as the crown princess of their race, whereas Merli has been denied this title and it passed onto the next in line, that being Lapis

    Thus it is implied that "Aoki" being it means "Blue Princess" is Lapis' title, not her surname and is why Merli, as an outcast of their race, lacks it.

    Lapis and Merli are protagonist and antagonist to each other... Pretty much Vocaloids only pair.


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    missy20201 Icon

    01 Mar 2017 - 14:07
    Hey I just now saw where you replied to me in the Vocaloid headcanons a long time ago. I had agreed with someone who said Kaito sounded gay and you said gay people don't sound a certain way. I just wanted to let you know that I agree. I was only joking based off stereotypes. As a gay person myself, I know the idea we all sound the same doesn't hold water. Hope you weren't too upset :)
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    bioloid Icon

    10 Feb 2014 - 22:12
    Hi, I'm sorry I got on your case so bad the other day. I was cranky. You didn't deserve it.
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    25 Apr 2012 - 02:51
    Your PMs don't work? Anyways here is what I tried to send you. ;~;
    Yeah, I got this on the wiki from an admin called VegaDark that blocked because I spammed, I don't recall spamming, I've only commented like twice so it kind of bothers me. Anyways here's a quote, can I get a further explanation of why I was blocked and maybe a quote of said "spam".
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    Stormbringer Icon

    16 Feb 2012 - 01:41
    have you seen this: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2718797
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    Tempo-P Icon

    29 Dec 2011 - 21:27
    How do I contact you? It's about the Vocaloid wikia, specifically our page here: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/VocalektVisions How can I update it with more relevant info like release dates, new songs, concert dates and other new info?
  8. Photo

    Tempo-P Icon

    29 Dec 2011 - 21:27
    How do I contact you? It's about the Vocaloid wikia, specifically our page here: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/VocalektVisions How can I update it with more relevant info like release dates, new songs, concert dates and other new info?
  9. Photo

    Nagareboshi Yue Icon

    26 Dec 2011 - 07:49
    I have a new piracy problem, I wanna contact you but I can't leave you a message. I am taking care of the problem, if they don't reply to me I will inform the board as soon as possible.
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    Mendermind1 Icon

    28 Nov 2011 - 20:36
    Was reading your posts. Good stuff.
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    byeeeeeeeeeeeee Icon

    30 Jul 2011 - 08:06
    I just noticed that your avatar thing is Wheatley... *facepalm*
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    GLaDOS :3 Icon

    21 Jun 2011 - 22:04
  13. Photo

    kurisuto Icon

    19 Jun 2011 - 00:45
    Hi there ! :D I COME HERE TO STALK YOU
    j/k, don't be afraid! ;)
  14. Photo

    Somebodyrandom Icon

    12 Jun 2011 - 16:29
    I should check this more often...
  15. Photo

    Kentai Icon

    11 Jun 2011 - 16:56
    To change the FL Studio Wallpaper just doubleclick on it. An explorertab will open, allowing you to browse for a new background image.
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