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Amaine Ami's Profile

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04-May 10
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Icon   Amaine Ami finally i found my password. O_O ohisashiburi!!

About Me

What? About me?

Go Google It!!!

Just Kidding~


Posted Image

Nothing special about me desu. I`m just an ordinary girl who loves VOCALOID desu~
Ok, This is all about Vocaloid desu!

♪My Favorite VOCALOID♪

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

*GUMI*Megurine Luka*Kamui Gakupo*Kagamine Rin*Kagamine Len*Kaito

♪Favorite Pairings♪

*Posted Image*Posted Image

* LukaxGakupo * RinxLen *

Posted Image

MeikoxKaitoxMiku * RinxLen * GakupoxLuka * GumixKiyoteru

♪Favorite Producers♪

DECO*27 (Yowamushi Montblanc, Mosaic Roll, Ai kotoba ect.)
Wowaka (Rolling Girl, Two-Faced lovers, World's End Dancehall ect. )
Ryuusei-P (Magnet, RIP=RELESE, SPICE! ect. )
Ryo (Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki, Black Rock Shooter, World Is Mine, Koi wa Sensou, Melt ect. )
40mP (Melody in the sky, STEP TO YOU, Scrap&Build ect. )

♪I have them in my computer♪

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

♪Favorite Fanclub♪


Posted Image


Posted Image
for viewing my profile.

Posted Image
Gumi-chan ♥ Gakkun ♥ Luka-chan


My Information

Member Title:
( ・_・)ノ⌒●~* Σ(゚Д゚|||)
24 years old
September 25, 1990
Aibaka Land
* Johnny's Entertainment
* Drawing
* AnimeManga
* Kitty
* Purple x Pink XD
Favorite Producer/s:
Deco*27, HoneyWorks

Contact Information

Website  http://flavors.me/ninomirami
Twitter  Twitter Link
Tumblr  Blog Link
Last.fm  Profile Link


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  1. Photo

    Nolae Icon

    25 Sep 2011 - 05:35
    Happy birthday!
  2. Photo

    Ciel Icon

    02 Aug 2011 - 20:59
    where do you live
  3. Photo

    Rin Icon

    31 Jul 2011 - 23:48
    ;///w///; wahh Gumi is so cute and pretty. I love her voice.
    Oh Thank you! ;w;
  4. Photo

    Rin Icon

    30 Jul 2011 - 10:45
    Your little icon thing is Gumi right? Ahhh~ It's so cuteee! <333 ;w;
  5. Photo

    news-print-hat Icon

    09 Dec 2010 - 06:25
    can i get that word?
  6. Photo

    Kaitoluver Icon

    08 Dec 2010 - 17:34
    Hello from Kaito, Mikuo and me. Kaito and Mikuo are my favorite vocaloids. Kagamine Rin is cool too. Len is also good. But I stick by my Kaito and Mikuo. ^_^ Gakupo is also awesome, and Miku just annoys me...
  7. Photo

    LukaLove Icon

    07 Dec 2010 - 21:02
    nice profile :3
  8. Photo

    news-print-hat Icon

    07 Dec 2010 - 00:41
    *reads your 'about me'*I tried to google stuff about you, but nothing showed up...
  9. Photo

    Akita Neru Den2 Icon

    07 Oct 2010 - 20:13
    HI HI~ i am soo bored TT-TT and in a bad mood
  10. Photo

    narumo Icon

    25 Sep 2010 - 14:03
    Happy Birthday!!
  11. Photo

    New Pass Icon

    25 Sep 2010 - 13:53
    Happy Birthday!!!!
  12. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    25 Sep 2010 - 05:01
    Have a GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT Birthday!
  13. Photo


    01 Sep 2010 - 14:30
    yay!!! ami chan ^_^ *hugles*
  14. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    01 Aug 2010 - 22:57
    I like Miku x Luka lot as well as the sound of Miki x Meiko together since I posted that one in chorus. I REALLY like Gumi Solo in a lot of things. She sings the OP to AIR amazingly well!
  15. Photo

    yukkisamurai Icon

    01 Aug 2010 - 01:52
    GakupoxLuka is probably my favorite, followed closely by mikuxkaito and lenxrin.... KYAAAKAWAIIDESUUU!!!!
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