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ShouganaiYumeS&M's Profile

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  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:2,431 (0.85 per day)
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  • Joined:04-May 10
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  • Member Title: Midnight memories and afternoon reveries
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthday: September 20, 1995
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  • Location: Your pants.
  • Interests: Things

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Icon   ShouganaiYumeS&M well maybe you should tie me up so I don't go where you don't want me~

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The owner of this profile is one who is like many owners of profiles. She could not be called "one of kind" or "unique". The owner of this profile is not one who has had a particularly tragic past and will not mislead you to believe such. She lacks many things, including creativity, volume, and the ability to retain important information. She is a starter of things to never be completed and a pariah to people who finish most everything they do. The owner of this profile is a language one perhaps wishes they spoke and the Error message you get when you try to open an important file. The owner of this profile is submissive and has the tendency to agree to things she does not approve of, for the sake of the relationships she may feel to be in danger. While you may not understand the owner of this profile or why she chooses to talk about herself using the title "The owner of this profile", she hopes that you will take all of this in and accept her anyway.
Surely, the owner of this profile wouldn't mind if you sent her a random, senseless message. Chances are, she is bored at the exact same moment you are and is in need of someone to talk to.

涙するほどの 恋愛も
恋におびえてた 記憶など
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  1. Photo

    xXGreenDayXx Icon

    20 Sep 2012 - 16:57
    Happy Birthday
  2. Photo

    Miu Fujiwara Icon

    06 Mar 2011 - 14:07
    OMG awesome! So sweet 8)
  3. Photo

    bnych Icon

    01 Mar 2011 - 15:32
    You are a Loli ... a Loli ... a loli Mudkip ?? =D
    So, S&M is nice :3
  4. Photo

    bnych Icon

    01 Mar 2011 - 14:56
    S&M ?? WHy S&M ?? Loli is better !
    Loli !!!!
  5. Photo

    Jojay Icon

    06 Feb 2011 - 20:00
    yepyep. I like "Did I just blow your mind?"
  6. Photo

    もも缶 Icon

    06 Feb 2011 - 02:53
    Because this is Japan, I have just eaten lunch now.
    (You aren't explaining a location, When local time is written, it knows an approximate place.)
  7. Photo

    Jojay Icon

    06 Feb 2011 - 02:43
    @ShouganaiYume you saw that commercial too?
    I'm nat'cho' ddah i'm yo granpaw!
  8. Photo

    もも缶 Icon

    06 Feb 2011 - 02:38
    Hi, good afternoon.
    (Japan is 11:30 in the afternoon now.)
  9. Photo

    Exodus Icon

    26 Jan 2011 - 23:06
    what-what in the butt chicka! Hellooo :3
  10. Photo

    Aisha Icon

    12 Jan 2011 - 15:40
    Thankies~ OwO ~~
  11. Photo

    Jojay Icon

    10 Jan 2011 - 22:34
    well that must stink. {Referring to status}
  12. Photo

    Exodus Icon

    06 Jan 2011 - 00:25
    I'm so fizzappointed in you.
  13. Photo

    KyuuCute-P Icon

    30 Dec 2010 - 08:41
    Same timezone. xD
    Well, at least you get paid. ^^
    All I did today was run around from store to store...very exhausting. xD
  14. Photo

    KyuuCute-P Icon

    29 Dec 2010 - 05:55
    Yay, thank you! xD
    Depending on your time zone, you might catch me on early in the morning, or on weekends, usually later at night. ^^
    How has your holiday break been?
  15. Photo

    KyuuCute-P Icon

    28 Dec 2010 - 08:45
    Ah, I sent you a request on there. xD
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