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Icon   Stormbringer Luka is fancy: http://blog.piapro.net/2015/05/z1505161-1.html

About Me

oh never mind
For i thought Haiku a haku
bugger it all; Sake!

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  1. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    03 Jan 2016 - 06:43
    Long time no chat Hope your New Year is good! :-)
  2. Photo

    rhino alpha Icon

    28 Jun 2015 - 20:28
    actually lemme be straight with you... I want to fund and build my own game console... one where there is no DLC. not pay to win. no same cut copy and paste first person shooter every year.. something that will make people rethink gaming and start to have fun in games again
  3. Photo

    rhino alpha Icon

    22 May 2015 - 03:35
    you're probably the one to come to about my pc questions
  4. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    24 Apr 2015 - 01:17
    Well I commented and so what is all I CAN say...
    Kids with too much power it seems to me...
  5. Photo

    lilravn Icon

    11 Apr 2015 - 16:35
    Really cute video! Wanted to comment, but got threatened with a ban from Nawen.. Too old to comment on.. Thank you for posting!
  6. Photo

    Aidounatsu Icon

    03 Apr 2015 - 22:56
    Long live Elric.
  7. Photo

    -`ღ´-Cнєяяу Lιмєα∂є-`ღ´- Icon

    30 Mar 2015 - 06:14
    I hardly post on things anyway, so yeah. I think I'll survive. ^-^
  8. Photo

    -`ღ´-Cнєяяу Lιмєα∂є-`ღ´- Icon

    30 Mar 2015 - 04:07
    That it. I'm going to get Twitter now literally just for the purpose of folloing Naoto Fuuga. I swear.
  9. Photo

    hopeandjoy9 Icon

    16 Jan 2015 - 00:44
    I mean there's always a chance that I'm wrong, but I listened to the first couple of lines of both back-to-back and they sounded the same.
  10. Photo

    hopeandjoy9 Icon

    15 Jan 2015 - 23:50
    Stormbringer, I think the Zombie cover you posted today is a reprint of the other one. They sound really similar.
  11. Photo

    Jirai Icon

    26 Jan 2014 - 04:35
    Thank you for posting my works here! I really appreciate it! :))
  12. Photo

    lemonlime Icon

    20 Dec 2013 - 15:22
    yes knowledge good
  13. Photo

    lemonlime Icon

    20 Dec 2013 - 03:45
    what i learned today: yuu asakawa likes corn dogs
  14. Photo


    31 Oct 2013 - 20:27
    Yeah, I saw that after they Tweeted it, it's how I was reminded that galaco was going to expire today, thanks anyway though.
  15. Photo

    N8.. Icon

    25 Oct 2013 - 17:25
    You're very welcome ^^
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