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Sue's Profile

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29-November 10
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User is offline Jan 26 2011 03:46 AM
Icon   Sue むかしむかしのきょうのぼく

About Me

Always wanted to be a real OTAKu but seemed like didn't have a chance to make it comes true....
Started drawing manga when i was 9. Love to draw lolita :rolleyes:
Love Japan
Know about Japan from Naruto :P

My Information

21 years old
January 22, 1994
Houston, TX US

Contact Information

Click here to e-mail me
Yahoo  afcc22182@yahoo.com



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  1. Photo

    Sue Icon

    26 Jan 2011 - 03:46
    @Greetbot-tan: thanks
  2. Photo

    Sue Icon

    26 Jan 2011 - 03:46
    @Daveybear:really? i just having no idea where is that. it's gonna be very fun if me meet each other in real life one day =))
  3. Photo

    Sue Icon

    26 Jan 2011 - 03:45
    @raypantoja: thank you very much
  4. Photo

    raypantoja Icon

    22 Jan 2011 - 15:12
  5. Photo

    Daveybear_HTID Icon

    22 Jan 2011 - 10:15
    Yo, I herd it wuz yo birfdai (not rly, i just saw your name at the bottom of the homepage).
    Well, anyways, congratulations on making it through another year of life :3
    I see you live in H-town. I live in Laredo, which (if you don't know already) is pretty close by :3
  6. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    29 Nov 2010 - 05:34
    Oy Sue, welcome to VO.net!
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