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17-December 10
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About Me

Hi there :)
My name is Candie Nemesys :3 and fuck yes, i'm your nemesis! :D
I'm from Argentina :) [but hell no, not from Buenos Aires, I really hate that sometimes ppl think that Arg is only Bs.As -.- It's annoying, y'know? :S]
I'm really creepy ._. Iam, not kidding, or maybe it's just that too weird for ppl around here :P
I'm a fuckin crazy girl [sometimes a think that i should have to be isolated in an asylum :/ you understand (or probably not :P)] but, i'm still fun, i won't bite you, and no, I'm not a psycho :3
What more about me? :/ I got short dark blond hair n.n and a lip piercing. I wear glasses and i'm a kind of screamo/punk/emo/scene/gothic/pop/ chick ._. XD I'm me :P
What can I say about music? :/ Well, i'm a really music lover. y'know? I listen to music wherever I go, even in the bathroom while taking a bath (it's true, I do it ._.)I listen to several kinds of music, A LOT. But i prefer rock music, and all of it's kinds of, and i LOVE all heavy music, like screamo, death metal, metal, post hardcore ald that stuff, I'm a HxC Girl [HxC=hardcore]. And I can sing :3 And well n.n
What more... Oh yes, hablo español :) I mean, HELLO! i'm from Argentina you ppl :3
Let's talk about the people I like. [It's a really long list, so, be prepared... Ready, Set, GO!]:
Bill&Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, Hayley Williams from Paramore, Yu Phoenix, Jack E. Strify(ex singer of Cinema Bizarre), Carsten Schäfer (Kiro, ex bassist of Cinema Bizarre), Ronnie Radke, Jared Leto, Luke Pasqualino, Kaya Scodelario, Tila Tequila, Alex Evans, Oliver Scott Sykes(singer of Bring Me The Horizon), Chris Dakota, Sam Llansing, BlairSykes[he's my friend :), and that's his name on facebook♥], Marilyn Manson, Andy Sixx, The Dude[Danny]....
Yes u-u
Well, that's all you need to know about me n.n I think, so if you got any question ask me, I'll try to answer it the quicker I possibly can :)

My Information

Age Unknown
April 21
things :)

Contact Information

Website  http://www.facebook.com/CandieKaulitzx
Twitter  Twitter Link
Tumblr  Blog Link



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    17 Dec 2010 - 03:01
    Oy SoRottenDoll#, welcome to VO.net!
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