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NuclearCoreMeltdown's Profile

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23-December 10
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About Me

Vocaloid is my drug...
Fav Producers: Iroha(Sasaki), millstones, Hitoshizuku P, ELECTROCUTICA, S.C.X, doriko, Satsuki ga Tenkomori, emon (Tes.), 8#Prince(Hachiouji) , kz(livetune), etc...
Fav Artists: 憂 (yuu), Nezuki, MACCO, Yukino Ichihara, Nagimiso.SYS, TNSK, etc...
Fav Songs From Fav Producers:
-Iroha (Sasaki) - Roshin Yuukai, Hanayurikago, Shirley!!, Saika, Moon, Greet, etc...
-millstones - Kagaribito, Tasogare Holic, Kanou Sekai no Rondo, Keikaku Toshi, Kipple Industry, etc...
-Hitoshikuzu P - Amayumerou, Koiyamirou, Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~, Yume Zakura, etc...
-ELECTROCUTICA - ARCA, Illusionika, Blindness, Triplaneta, Reversus, Hysteresis, etc...
-S.C.X (Clean Tears)- Solesta! + (remixes), ING, Out Of Lies, Pusse Cafe, Music kick -MUSIC Remix-, etc...
-doriko - Romeo and Cinderella, Paradise Cage, Red Garden -M type-, Cat Food, Etranger, etc...
-8#Prince(Hachiouji) - Distorted Princess, Sweet Devil, Keep Only One Love, etc...

My Information

20 years old
July 2, 1994
Vocaloid, Drawing, Gaming, etc...

Contact Information

Website  http://nuclearcoremeltdown.deviantart.com/


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  1. Photo

    kagamineprincess Icon

    02 Jul 2011 - 22:19
    Happy Birthday, have a great one, desu~! ^w^
    >I love your name btw. >w<
  2. Photo

    raypantoja Icon

    02 Jul 2011 - 15:55
  3. Photo

    恨死你~ YUKI ~ HateDieU Icon

    02 Mar 2011 - 10:34
    *pokes* =33
  4. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    29 Dec 2010 - 03:20
    try Leru-P otherwise known as Tiny Symphony!
    He is really amazing
  5. Photo

    恨死你~ YUKI ~ HateDieU Icon

    24 Dec 2010 - 17:17
    Another Welcome to VO to you xDD.
  6. Photo

    Paprika Icon

    23 Dec 2010 - 23:27
    Actually I'm more of a kz fantard.
  7. Photo

    Paprika Icon

    23 Dec 2010 - 23:27
  8. Photo

    Aies Icon

    23 Dec 2010 - 18:55
    Gotta love S.C.X :)
  9. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    23 Dec 2010 - 18:48
    Oy NuclearCoreMeltdown, welcome to VO.net!
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