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Mantis128's Profile

My Information

  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:3,015 (1.19 per day)
  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (635 posts)
  • Joined:27-December 10
  • Profile Views:46,908
  • Last Active:User is offline Dec 09 2017 06:54 AM
  • Currently: Offline
  • Member Title: Roger Roger
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Birthday: May 30, 1996
  • Gender:
  • Location: Studying.
  • Interests: Video games, competitive fighting games, engineering, music, artwork, TV, video quality and production, movies, food and cooking, keeping fit, western animation, history, Japanese culture, anime and boxing.
  • Vocaloids: Big Al, Gumi and Cryptonloids.
  • Producers: Micheal Bay

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Icon   Mantis128 Most likely because it was so inactive. No point in keeping a dead forum that's just taking up bandwidth.

About Me

I am currently studying in hopes of working for the Royal Australian Air Force as an electronic engineer. I also study music in my spare time. I also like retro gaming, mainly the N64, fighting games and I'm a big Dragonball fan too.


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  1. Photo

    Selphos Icon

    05 Dec 2017 - 05:23
    He wiped my status. What a hero.
  2. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    25 Sep 2017 - 18:10
    Always here to help, my friend
  3. Photo

    bioloid Icon

    23 Feb 2017 - 17:01
    Thanks :-D
  4. Photo

    BambooGarden101 Icon

    11 Feb 2017 - 19:01
    Yes, it's a thing :P At least it's a thing where I live ATM (Spain).
  5. Photo

    mvcucumber Icon

    11 Jan 2017 - 13:35
    he he =)
  6. Photo

    Daveybear_HTID Icon

    08 Oct 2016 - 01:52
    iJust read your departure post and figured I'd say something, despite knowing it'll be "forever" till you see this, but anyhoot:
    I pray your will of fire only grows as your days go on. Absorb all the edumuhcation you can and give'em hell, bromosapien!
    But srsly, I hope you reach your goals.
  7. Photo

    Nova Icon

    28 Sep 2016 - 22:56
    I'm waaaay late, but thanks. Glad to see you like the art
  8. Photo

    Darius-X Icon

    30 May 2016 - 01:34
    Happy birthday; sorry for missing last year, man.
  9. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    03 Jan 2016 - 06:44
    Hello there! Thank you for visiting> Hope your New Year is great! :-)
  10. Photo

    Captain Issun Icon

    28 Jul 2014 - 02:31
    Your avatar is Lucas, the powerglove kid from the movie the wizard, right?
  11. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    02 Jun 2014 - 10:09
    Oh haha, I actually recognise that guy. But no, it was just a small one in the Vocaloid fandom. They threw a minor tantrum and vandalised the wikia, as someone pointed it out about their fanloid design. (It violated one of the creative commons rights for Miku images, and only came to note because they were spamming people with art requests)
  12. Photo

    D!zzy Icon

    01 Jun 2014 - 17:06
    Wait, is Andrew Dobson Big Ben one of what?! O:
  13. Photo

    Dessert>desert Icon

    31 May 2014 - 06:40
    It's not midnight yet at my time zone, so happy birthday!
  14. Photo

    Darius-X Icon

    30 May 2014 - 14:06
    Hope you're having a nice birthday, man. :)
  15. Photo

    Maggieistheone Icon

    30 May 2014 - 09:38
    You won't regret that purchase friend:)
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