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VocaloidNekoKagamine's Profile

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14-April 11
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User is offline Apr 26 2011 05:19 AM
Icon   VocaloidNekoKagamine Laughing so hard no noise comes out;so you sit there clapping like a retarded seal :)

About Me

Love anime and manga, i love VOCALOID and Len Kagamine!HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!GRRR.......*cough*and i love doujindhi and yaoi....

My Information

Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown


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  1. Photo

    ChasingLenKagamine Icon

    01 May 2011 - 02:19
    Hehe, I love stalking people's pages. What's up? c:
  2. Photo

    TardyMiss Icon

    16 Apr 2011 - 03:54
    Yea, I'd have Imitation Black playing on all of them lol XD
  3. Photo

    ChasingLenKagamine Icon

    16 Apr 2011 - 01:39
    Aaaaah, I love your picture! Studious Len ftw!
  4. Photo

    TardyMiss Icon

    15 Apr 2011 - 21:14
    That is awesome! ^.^ I mostly use my psp to listen to music though I still have my cd player. It'd be fun to design a cd just for one's favorite songs <3
  5. Photo

    TardyMiss Icon

    15 Apr 2011 - 03:16
    *replay* I meant in previous message other post, not reply orz
  6. Photo

    TardyMiss Icon

    15 Apr 2011 - 03:16
    I had it on reply for quite awhile last night,it is awesome! I loved Kaito's line of "I want to take him, I mean, I want to take him home" XD
  7. Photo

    TardyMiss Icon

    14 Apr 2011 - 01:10
    Thank you for mentioning "DokiDoki Yaoi Garden", I am now listening to it ^.^ also welcome to VO!
  8. Photo

    The Nomitroid Icon

    14 Apr 2011 - 00:38
    Welcome to VO! X3
  9. Photo

    Greetbot-tan Icon

    14 Apr 2011 - 00:21
    Oy VocaloidNekoKagamine, welcome to VO.net!
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