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Pomelo's Profile

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13,567 (5.28 per day)
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Vocaloid Talk (2200 posts)
14-May 10
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Icon   Pomelo goodbye VO, hmu on tumblr if you wanna talk

About Me

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I'm gross about 2D females and I lov me some Ruko :ruko:

Feel free to PM me for whatever, whether it's to chat or if you have a problem! (Also I will never shut up about capsule, please talk to me about capsule)

Other places I'm at:
My Anime List
My Figure Collection


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Thanks Archer!

Thanks OG!

Thanks Nivi!

Thanks Kyrie!


Thanks Dizzy!


My Information

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sekai de ichiban trash-sama ☆
26 years old
December 17, 1990
wintermute & whoo

Contact Information

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  1. Photo

    bioloid Icon

    17 May 2016 - 01:03
    Another Toronto showgoer looking for some people to meet up with http://www.vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/user/23355-vflowering/
  2. Photo

    mvcucumber Icon

    17 Dec 2015 - 00:21
    Happy birthday to you!
  3. Photo

    WintermintP/BaronLumi Icon

    07 Dec 2015 - 05:19
    Hi Pomelo
    Wow, you're older than me?! O.O I heard your birthday is coming up. Happy birthday~ x3
  4. Photo

    WintermintP/BaronLumi Icon

    24 Oct 2015 - 01:43
    Hey, are you close to London ON? I live there, and the whole city is a ghetto.
  5. Photo

    Echoing Icon

    17 Aug 2015 - 16:30
  6. Photo

    D!zzyZebra Icon

    25 Jul 2015 - 07:06
    Haha, luckily I haven't accidentally banned anyone yet.
  7. Photo

    D!zzyZebra Icon

    22 Jul 2015 - 17:11
    Thanks! If I can get through today without clicking the wrong thing I'll feel very accomplished c':
  8. Photo

    Saccharine Icon

    14 Jul 2015 - 20:07
    I'm not fully back, though I'll be a bit more active than usual. Either way, thanks for the welcome back ^^
  9. Photo


    26 Jun 2015 - 17:47
    ah, yes hello mortal. 'tis I, the actual cat. I like your username, it makes me. ..hungry.
  10. Photo


    16 Jun 2015 - 09:09
    late but I saw your post in the neutral spammy neutral thread thing, it sounds a lot like trichotillomania
  11. Photo

    DayDreamerStratus Icon

    30 Apr 2015 - 19:58
    O.o why'd you lock my thread? Yeah that post that Cryptonight made was disturbing but that wasn't my intention of the thread. It was sort of more for headcannons that are kind of random. Oh whatever, I don't mind.
  12. Photo

    Saccharine Icon

    17 Apr 2015 - 18:17
    Oh. Sorry about that VvV
  13. Photo

    dreamer Icon

    16 Apr 2015 - 01:06
    please don't make jokes that sound true q.q
  14. Photo

    dreamer Icon

    15 Apr 2015 - 02:52
    oh i searched Yuki on google...i kinda thought she was like Luka or IA. no wonder you reacted that way. i'm sorry ^ ^;;
  15. Photo

    dreamer Icon

    15 Apr 2015 - 02:45
    noooo... q.q
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