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01-May 11
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User is offline Jun 09 2011 09:49 AM
Icon   troll feels good to be here 8D

About Me

Hello. I am Troll.

Hehe just kidding. You can call me Ren. 13 y.o. (fe)male. I own an UTAUloid named Sora Hateshine, but she hasn't go public yet. Just wait for new updates!

I love animanga as well as my life. Too much animangas on my head so I can't pick which one is my favorite.

I love drawing. I have a deviantart account, and you can see it on my profile 8D well I'm still an amateur though. Is using Paint Tool SAI and Wacom Intuos pen tablet size small. That's pretty convenient for amateurs like me B)

I love utattemita. Especially Nico Nico Douga. My favorite utattemitas are.... Tourai, Dasoku, Valshe, Mitani Nana, Halyosy, and Akiakane.

From any other vocaloid... I could say that I like Luka the most. Even though I like all vocaloids: Miku for her soft voice, Rin for her cute voice, Len for his asdfghjkl voice and looks (?), Meiko for her matured voice, GUMI for her ashdfgksjdfh voice (SERIOUSLY NAKAJIMA ROCKS), and even Kaito for his soft yet deep voice. Gakupo is not bad as well but I prefer listening to GACKT himself.

And from any other awesome vocaloid songs... my favorites til this moment are Anti The∞Holic and Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu for such great speed (these are my top 2 vocaloid songs the whole time!). Last Night, Good Night and Rain Stops, Goodbye for relaxing me whenever I listen to it. Magnet for so many awesome pairings coming from it (hell yeah). Rolling Girl for such a power singing. World's End Dancehall for a really nice beat to sing along. Spice! for such a great PV. Meltdown for being the song I've never get bored listening to.

My favorite vocaloid composer is no wonder cosMo. I also like wowaka and minato (THIS IS TOURAI, GUYS).

Get along with me okay XD
like a troll, troll, troll, troll.

My Information

19 years old
December 29, 1997
animanga, vocaloid, BL (yaoi), UTAUloid, utattemita, music, art, science

Contact Information

Click here to e-mail me
Website  http://gothicmaneuver.deviantart.com
Twitter  Twitter Link
YouTube  Channel Link
Yahoo  ellytorana


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    01 May 2011 - 13:23
    Fun~! JBF is a really good song. :3
    Mine is probably Bullet for Prisoner. XD
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    01 May 2011 - 13:15
    Why yes, I also love Luka-sama. XD
    Whats your favorite song? :3
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    01 May 2011 - 13:07
    Welcome to VO! Enjoy your stay!
    (Yay another Luka lover. XD)
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    Greetbot-tan Icon

    01 May 2011 - 12:52
    Oy troll, welcome to VO.net!
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