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karcen's Profile

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14,683 (10.65 per day)
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Plot Discussion (6321 posts)
21-June 11
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Icon   karcen help me save my home we just need a little to keep it

About Me

Let's see what is there to say about me well you can call me Karcen, I also respond well to Karcen-chan and Kara. Sadly I don’t find myself as an overly interesting person to talk about so I'll go with some lists.

- Video games
-lovecraft stories
-role playing

- any argument about something being better

Ok that's about it for likes and dislikes in broad terms now I think I will have some favorites.

my favorite games
-dark souls
-mass effect series

Favorite books
- dragon lance serise
- forgotten realms books

Put This On Ur Page If U Do Role Play
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My Information

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VO's official Trap Lover
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Contact Information

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  1. Photo

    RinCat Icon

    16 Feb 2015 - 20:34
    i can kinda remember them! its been a while lol but i dont blame them for leavin' its been years anyways.
  2. Photo

    RinCat Icon

    15 Feb 2015 - 22:06
    Oh man, your guy's rping wasnt bad at all! and i acutally might check out the rp threads once again. hopefully i've improved since then tho aa. it'd be really nice, actually. is anyone else still on who rped with us before?
  3. Photo

    RinCat Icon

    12 Feb 2015 - 23:36
    i dont really hang out on here on my acc. i visit mostly for info on new vocaloid info. i was just checking out my old (and rea lly cringe worthy) posts from when i was 11. but it's nice talk to you again!
  4. Photo

    Hatsune Mikuo Icon

    05 Feb 2015 - 09:47
  5. Photo

    Hatsune Mikuo Icon

    04 Feb 2015 - 09:48
    oh i see well if you're alright with it and your friends are okay too then i'll gladly be in the thread!
  6. Photo

    Hatsune Mikuo Icon

    04 Feb 2015 - 09:45
    magic is already pretty long and pokemon is invite only right?? i'll just wait for a rp im interested in since im subscribed via email on the plot discussion thread
  7. Photo

    Hatsune Mikuo Icon

    04 Feb 2015 - 09:26
    that's good to hear! yeah, i've been missing roleplaying with everyone here... any nice and active rp thread? trying to get back here and be as active as i used to :')
  8. Photo

    Hatsune Mikuo Icon

    04 Feb 2015 - 08:54
    yo dude! just recently; i just felt nostalgic and decided to show up. how are you?
  9. Photo

    Cody the touhou fanboy445 Icon

    12 Nov 2014 - 23:14
    nice sig karcen. oh and how have you been
  10. Photo

    Humatsune Meki Icon

    19 Aug 2014 - 04:21
    Don't mention it! If I were wealthy I'd gladly help you out more!~
  11. Photo

    Humatsune Meki Icon

    18 Aug 2014 - 23:50
    I wish you the best!~
    Stay strong during these hard times! <3
    *hugs very tightly*
  12. Photo

    iR-Willow Icon

    03 Aug 2014 - 20:11
    Thought I died? owo
  13. Photo

    GroundHOG-2010 Icon

    03 Jul 2014 - 06:51
    GroundHOG-2010 has run away in fright of retaliation...
  14. Photo

    GroundHOG-2010 Icon

    03 Jul 2014 - 06:51
    GroundHOG-2010 has poked you.
  15. Photo

    Usernamecollector Icon

    19 Jun 2014 - 02:09
    (o A o)/*\(o m o)
    high five!
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