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neutrinoP's Profile

My Information

  • Group:Members
  • Active Posts:122 (0.05 per day)
  • Most Active In: Vocaloid Talk (65 posts)
  • Joined:23-July 11
  • Profile Views:22,868
  • Last Active:User is offline Private
  • Currently: Offline
  • Member Title: W.V.M.P.
  • Age: 45 years old
  • Birthday: November 25, 1972
  • Gender:
  • Location: After all I did, I got blood cancer in exchange ≧ω≦
  • Interests: VOCALOID...
  • Producers: Mitchie_M, noboru↑P

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Icon   neutrinoP Jan 19th is the date of the 10th brain surgery. If I'm getting out alive, I will make more cute songs. Be ready! :P

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Continuing to create (^^)


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  1. Photo

    sleepysheep7 Icon

    26 Nov 2014 - 02:43
    happy birthday hope you go out and have a great time
  2. Photo

    neutrinoP Icon

    05 Dec 2011 - 22:36
    oh geee... late visit on the page to see the comments. THANKS <3
  3. Photo

    Nolae Icon

    25 Nov 2011 - 21:14
    Happy birthday!
  4. Photo

    Len Kagamine02 Icon

    25 Nov 2011 - 19:43
    Happy Birthday~ > w <
  5. Photo

    Valerius Icon

    25 Nov 2011 - 19:17
    Happy birthday (:
  6. Photo

    Mini Icon

    24 Nov 2011 - 11:29
  7. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    23 Nov 2011 - 06:00
    I STILL miss your anime song covers! :-)
  8. Photo

    Sappokei Icon

    05 Nov 2011 - 20:47
    Well I'm not that good at Sony Vegas, but I'm sure I can find out from my friends or go on the net, but yes, I was just about to choose one as I went back to see you commented XD When I have an idea I'll let you know.
  9. Photo

    Sappokei Icon

    29 Oct 2011 - 19:54
    Ah, I see. I'm sure you'll get someone to help someday~ Someday! I'd consider myself but I'm not that exciting an artist XD
  10. Photo

    Sappokei Icon

    29 Oct 2011 - 15:45
    Why don't you get some artists to do some things for you? I'm sure you'll find someone to make a PV for you someday, like some other -Ps. I'm even doing a PV with Lukeru atm~
  11. Photo

    Sappokei Icon

    28 Oct 2011 - 12:52
    DRAW A PICTURE *in response to your status*
  12. Photo

    _emmy笑 Icon

    17 Oct 2011 - 09:14
    I've found you again! *stalk stalk*
  13. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    27 Aug 2011 - 00:01
    I really miss your anime covers you know...
    I have a whole list I would love to hear you do! I am still waiting on that Hammond sound for your songs too! I LOVE the sound of the Hammond C3!! Btw I keep listening to Tornado its one of my favorite songs you have done! Then again Luka is one still my favorite...
    Someday you have to visit the the east coast! Good l...
  14. Photo

    KimbaWLion Icon

    26 Aug 2011 - 22:48
    Wrong coast! Hurricane is on the East Coast where I am... THOUGH I have been in Japantown Before! GREAT place! :-)
  15. Photo

    Despair Icon

    05 Aug 2011 - 04:24
    Stalked everything. That actually sounds adorable! X3
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