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Faith Juliet Lin's Profile

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25-July 11
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About Me

I'm a very shy person when you first meet me, but when I warm up to ya I'm crazy! :3
I'm a Chinese-American!! :D I was born in Virginia, I'm currently living in Florida.
I love anime my most fav anime is HETALIA!! :D
I've never cosplayed before but once I get some stuff together I'll have my very first cosplay and surprisingly it's not a Hetalia cosplay, it's an Naruto one! :3
When I'm in school, I look like a bit of a loner when I'm in class unless I have a friend in class with me to sit with or something.
I don't really have that many friends so I mostly make friends online ^-^;; I guess you can say I'm a loser/emo/goth/scene kid at school.
(Which I don't like to be called any at all.)
I'm still scared of the dark, sadly. I love stuffed animals and I have like over 100 of them! >w<
I love to sing, draw anime, write stories, play violin, swimmmmm, hangin with friends, and listening to music!
People at school think I'm weird because I love anime so much, they like my drawings though, but not me :(
Sometimes I wish I wasn't Asian because people make fun of me cause of my eyes or just because how our language sounds, and they mock me, they say stuff like, "Ching-chong konichiwa" and stuff like that :(
Hmm... What else can I say...
Well I love winter, but my favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN!! (Not cause of the candeh.)
Umm, I love Japanese culture, I don't know much about my own culture though.

You know what I don't get?
How come people like Chinese food so much, but hate Chinese people so much?
Without us, there would be NO Chinese food at all, plus we make most of the clothes and toys, they should be greatful for us Asians T ^T *sniffle*
Well I don't hate Americans, for I myself am an American!
But my mommy says American's are stupid and our styles in clothing are ugly, but she's old, what the hell does she know?! I particularly love the scene style, I absolutely HATE dresses, them my mom said, "I used to wear dresses to school everyday when I was 'younger'." Mom your not young anymore, and this isn't your time anymore, it's not the fashion anymore nor is it appealing to others, well of this time.
"Haven't I treated you well? What did I do to deserve this? You're my little brother aren't you?"
"I never saw you as my older brother, nor will I ever."
"But, I've done so much for you."
"I never asked you to, I never wanted to be your little brother."

The past of China and Japan, Hetalia style. Sad isn't it?
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My Information

17 years old
December 10, 1997
United States
Singing, drawing, sleeping, violin, cosplay, roleplaying

Contact Information

Website  http://www.quizazz.com/profile.php?id=36258
YouTube  Channel Link



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    GreenKata Icon

    28 Jul 2011 - 20:56
    How are you doing? :3
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    GreenKata Icon

    27 Jul 2011 - 17:55
    Hello there :3
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    PrimaLove Icon

    25 Jul 2011 - 18:08
    You can do roleplay via message or private board. Let me know if you need a roleplay buddy
  4. Photo

    PrimaLove Icon

    25 Jul 2011 - 05:52
    Did someone say roleplay? :3
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    Rethnai Icon

    25 Jul 2011 - 05:49
    here i am
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    Greetbot-tan Icon

    25 Jul 2011 - 05:44
    Oy Faith Juliet Lin, welcome to VO.net!
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