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31-July 11
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I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down.

I don't love you for you, I love you for the way you seem to make me seem like a better person. I'll always love you, just because you make me able to breathe again when I'm choking on the stale air and no one notices. I'll always love you, because the way you make me feel when I'm with you. I love you, because, you can actually deal with the "me" that is now. My love is a selfish one, but you're the one who made it this way.
- Silky-Love
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Fawking SUPAH
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July 26
your mom's bed

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  1. Photo

    Aimi Icon

    19 Dec 2013 - 02:31
    Ichigo, love. Every moment of my life spent doing anything other talking to you is spent thinking about you. Being away from you is like a living hell for me. I love you so much that it's unhealthy. I hope that we can talk soon and that I will see you soon as well. I love you.
  2. Photo

    Luna Selene Icon

    26 Jul 2013 - 22:45
    Happy Birthday :)
  3. Photo

    Shiny Vulpix Icon

    26 Jul 2013 - 08:49
    Happy Birthday, Silk!
  4. Photo

    ericaoh95 Icon

    07 Nov 2012 - 08:24
    A while back, you asked for me to sub a GUMI song. I remembered your request and did one. It's my favorite GUMI cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5SOEbzqzQc
  5. Photo

    KuroSawaShirou Icon

    31 Oct 2012 - 08:44
    Ah, my bad.
    Hasn't got any PM in a while, so i never noticed that the PM box had exceeded the limit. So yeah, sorry bout that.
    And about the 1x1, feel free to go on a hiatus :3 I'm kinda busy with things too, so i cannot RP as much as before, so yeah. It's a mutual understanding.
  6. Photo

    EISENbricher Icon

    18 Oct 2012 - 21:45
    Hey are you leaving VO?
  7. Photo

    EISENbricher Icon

    08 Oct 2012 - 16:05
    Final spam I promise :)
    Shu-t is Meiko's best producer!
  8. Photo

    EISENbricher Icon

    08 Oct 2012 - 16:00
    Sry for spamming ~_~
    Noooo I'm totally talking on regards of how well their voices blend. Meiko-Luka pair's voices blend each other in 'parallel' manner while Meiko-Miku's blend in 'Opposite' way. Both are lovely in their own way. Plz lend a little time for following, you'll know what I mean!
    Meiko-Luka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO...
  9. Photo

    EISENbricher Icon

    08 Oct 2012 - 15:53
    oh.. smaller VMs allowed here.
    Bass <3 sometime I start playing the low guitar strings by fingers just to satisfy myself *_* Oh well I don't wanna whine. My awesome e-guitar will be with me next month *burn* and my current acoustic (Yamaha F310), which I call 'Scarlet' is also love!!
    I know.. that happens. Currently that's happening with me in ...
  10. Photo

    EISENbricher Icon

    08 Oct 2012 - 15:49
    Hey Hi! I'll take convo here since that's simply an intro thread... hmm... first of all let me know how should I call you. Silky? or do you have some other nickname here?
    I'm goof with crazy people! My friends say that I am a 'good person'. But I admit, I want no one ever to be hurt.
    Wow! I simply <3 Ibanez!! Not that I've us...
  11. Photo

    - Kitsune Icon

    05 Oct 2012 - 23:41
    *nibbling on your arm* =w=
  12. Photo

    Maune Crows Icon

    04 Oct 2012 - 04:22
    Alright, I'll let you know if I see anything.... Perhaps I'll try starting something again once I get my feel for OCs back.
  13. Photo

    Maune Crows Icon

    03 Oct 2012 - 04:45
    Yep, I have returned to lurk around roleplays and profiles. =w=
    I won't be as active as before, but I should have at least a little time each day.
  14. Photo

    ~Baal-chan Elly~ Icon

    11 Sep 2012 - 02:16
    Still alive i guess..
  15. Photo

    ~Baal-chan Elly~ Icon

    07 Sep 2012 - 16:34
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