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@LuYurippe's Profile

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Icon   @LuYurippe I love tragic stuff. ç_ç

About Me

I finally decided to write something here.

I'm LuYurippe, a very lazy person with lots of free time to spend watching anime, reading manga and listening to vocaloid songs.
I love VNs/PSP games/Otoges. Hmm, i also love to make vocaloid covers with Utatane Piko and stuffings. よろしくお願いします!(・ω・)

My Information

Age Unknown
June 14

Contact Information

YouTube  Channel Link


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  1. Photo

    Takanashi Icon

    15 Jun 2013 - 02:13
    Just a random fan popping in to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  2. Photo

    ►♥PantyKun♥◄ Icon

    17 Jul 2012 - 04:21
    hello, i love your youtube~
  3. Photo


    14 Jun 2012 - 06:54
    Lu! I know you haven't been on in forever (probably b/c you think VO is still down :'D) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! C:
  4. Photo


    27 May 2012 - 16:32
    Sounds hard DX
    And ikr? Same here, it's too much work. I'm just lazy lD
  5. Photo


    14 May 2012 - 19:22
    I'm good as well~
    Just trying to make something with Vocaloid. It's so hard, how do you do it so well? Q A Q
  6. Photo


    13 May 2012 - 18:27
    Then I can't wait to hear when you improve with him, you're already so good~ :D
    Also, thank you for the add ^^ How're you? 
  7. Photo


    13 May 2012 - 05:49
    Oh my God, it's yoouu! I'm subscribed to you on YT, I absolutely LOVE your Piko covers! You use him so well~
  8. Photo

    Yumesy Icon

    06 Apr 2012 - 08:54
    Oo~ I didn't know you have an account here :3 I stalk all your Piko songs! xD Can I be your friend~?
  9. Photo

    Mokou Icon

    27 Nov 2011 - 01:33
    Okay,I'll try using that one~
  10. Photo

    Mokou Icon

    27 Nov 2011 - 01:12
    Ooh nice pic~ Seems a bit small for a siggy though ;-;
  11. Photo

    Mokou Icon

    27 Nov 2011 - 00:14
    :) Okay do you have any pictures you have in mind?
  12. Photo

    Mokou Icon

    26 Nov 2011 - 23:15
    Crazy idea~ Would you like for me to make you a Piko set? Only if you'd like of course~
  13. Photo

    Mokou Icon

    26 Nov 2011 - 23:03
    Hello again~
  14. Photo

    Rapierre Icon

    25 Nov 2011 - 01:40
    hehe... but I got caught off guard with the "Lu". It's still an awesome name!
  15. Photo

    Rapierre Icon

    25 Nov 2011 - 00:58
    WHOA dude your name.. your name!! Dude you should totally see my "Display name history." I thought you were the old me for a moment.
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