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03-November 11
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Icon   rhino alpha oh how i hate humidity

About Me

Guess im back from the dead...and I've become a lot more jaded..carry on..

Yo! Name's プーマ (real name's Patrick), you can call me Puma or プーマ.

Mi VO Familia
(you mess with them and your gonna have very bad day)

My beloved Waifu (rl-gf): KagamineLenLover (K-chan)
My daughters: RinCat (Dead End), Na-chan
My sisters: TheAmazingLeeky, Zatsune Miku
Brothers in-arms: Sandstorm77, Husky, RCracer777
Mother-in-law(s): Ria, Marina Clearwater
Brothers and sisters in-law: MewMew, CielPhantomhive, Northwesternrain, SPC Willow/Wrigglu Nightbug/Tray


IVoca-OC self


Second Voca-OC: Limited Secret Rare Ultra Edition Vocaroller



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鏡音レン·ラヴァー x プーマ
Established February 24, 2012

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My Information

Member Title:
Creature type: Legendary Mythic Knight Rouge. Kll's guardian
Age Unknown
July 15
S.A. Town, Texas
Day dreaming about my wife, Eat,Bleed,Breathe 93 octane, Vocaloids,Anime & Muzik


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  1. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    03 Jan 2014 - 19:46
    And a happy end of one earth revolution around the sun to you as well!!
    Sorry, but i just came back from out of town.
  2. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    25 Dec 2013 - 09:45
    Yeah, got tired but it's done. A month of freedom. Oh and happy holidays for you as well.
  3. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    18 Dec 2013 - 13:20
    Finally done with finals, which means a month of freedom. So what's upon your end?
  4. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    28 Nov 2013 - 16:58
    You've already finished seed and moved on to destiny? Why did i know that is the thing you'd pay attention to.....
    I already knew it was an astray, but there are many version of astrays (red frame, blue frame, gold frame, etc). But it it seems to be closest to red frame
  5. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    25 Nov 2013 - 16:09
    You talking about the series, the gundam, or both?
  6. Photo

    Xepheris Icon

    15 Oct 2013 - 13:43
    Thank you~
    Happy Un-birthday!
  7. Photo

    Stormbringer Icon

    02 Oct 2013 - 00:40
    i have not looked yet but if there isn't now i bet there will be one soon. :)
  8. Photo


    01 Oct 2013 - 20:21
    I don't think petitions are a good idea, you should just tweet Kamui asking her if there's anything more you could do.
  9. Photo

    Koinu Icon

    28 Sep 2013 - 18:58
    Wait, what? XD
  10. Photo

    Koinu Icon

    28 Sep 2013 - 16:11
  11. Photo

    Koinu Icon

    28 Sep 2013 - 14:34
    Nope. I'm pretty sure it's because Taka's the only guy I've ever had eyes for.
    Plus Taka is a sexy Japanese guy. He tops all o3o
  12. Photo

    Koinu Icon

    28 Sep 2013 - 13:54
    Pfff, Taka is the only nosebleed worthy guy in my eyes.
  13. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    10 Sep 2013 - 18:51
    How about just 'rev on'?
  14. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    10 Sep 2013 - 03:34
    Oh that. I'm okay now. It's not like anything especially bad happened, it was just a series of minor things that keep on happening. So it pissed me off.
  15. Photo

    Sandstorm77 Icon

    09 Sep 2013 - 17:01
    Talk about what?
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