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All posts by idoltrash69

There have been 10 posts by idoltrash69

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Hot Topic (New) Icon Unpopular opinions
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Okay here's mine: -I dislike Creep-P's music, it just doesn't sound good...

Posted on Today, 02:23 PM by idoltrash69

Vocaloid Talk Byakuren 
  • 7,634 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Icon Saddest Songs
Any that you heard?
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My R/Watashi no R is one of the saddest songs out there. Toumei Answer makes me tear up as well.

Posted on Feb 09 2017 07:02 PM by idoltrash69

Vocaloid Talk hamtrow Icon
  • 172 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Icon Yuri Vocaloid Fanclub
♀ ❤ ♀
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could I please join? I love me some yuris <3

Posted on Feb 09 2017 04:20 PM by idoltrash69

Fanclubs Gumina Glassred Icon
  • 1,165 Replies
New Replies Icon Love Lab
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I'm currently watching it, and I'm really liking it. My favorite...

Posted on Feb 08 2017 03:54 PM by idoltrash69

Anime Pyro1923 Icon
  • 6 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Icon Anime You've Recently Watched/ Are Currently Watching
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Currently watching Mob Psycho 100 (and loving it) and Love Lab (also pretty great).

Posted on Feb 07 2017 11:10 PM by idoltrash69

Anime Luka 
  • 1,687 Replies
New Replies Icon Attachments i drew a green meekoo
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playing around with the colors.. (still trying to figure out how to upload attachments) (also the lighting's really bad)

Posted on Jan 06 2017 12:50 PM by idoltrash69

The Art Club idoltrash69 Icon
  • 0 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Icon UTAU Unpopular Opinions
We might as well have an UTAU version
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It bothers me how most people who comment on UTAU covers...

Posted on Jan 05 2017 10:43 PM by idoltrash69

Utau Talk Kumbancha Icon
  • 616 Replies
New Replies Icon Best female UTAUs?
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Female UTAUs with realistic vbs (some of my favorites): -Mani Hatsu (both...

Posted on Jan 05 2017 12:52 PM by idoltrash69

Utau Talk AnimeStrife009 Icon
  • 11 Replies
New Replies Icon New here
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hello everyone!

Posted on Jan 04 2017 08:44 PM by idoltrash69

Introductions idoltrash69 Icon
  • 2 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Icon Attachments Favourite UTAU?
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My favorite's Mani Hatsu! Her voice is really nice and pretty. I also like Nizimine Kakoi and Teto.

Posted on Jan 04 2017 08:08 PM by idoltrash69

Utau Talk Alexander-After 
  • 547 Replies

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