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Terms & Rules

Usage Terms

By accessing "VocaloidOtaku.net" (hereinafter "we", "us", "our", "http://www.VocaloidOtaku.net"), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms, then please do not access and/or use "VocaloidOtaku.net". We may change these at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this yourself as your continued usage of "VocaloidOtaku.net" after changes means you agree to these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws, be it of your country or the country where "VocaloidOtaku.net" is hosted. Doing so may lead to you being permanently banned, with notification of your ISP if deemed required by us. You agree that "VocaloidOtaku.net" have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time and for any reason, should we see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered to being stored in a database. This site is for people of the age 14 and above only.


- Do not post pirated copies of the VOCALOID software and/or music.
- One account per person. Do not share your account or create multiples.
- Don't do a moderator's work. Use the report button if you have a problem. The mods will deal with that post if necessary.
- Do not share other users private or personal information without their permission.
- Do not spam threads with off-topic, irrelevant and unnecessary double posts.
- Do not link or post illustrations or websites that may be considered offensive (specifically: shock imagery, gore, sexual harassment).
- Do not revive ("necro") old threads made over a year ago (exception: VOCALOID specific general discussion threads).
- Do not stretch the webpage. This includes, oversized images, posting multiple images or gifs at once, and quoting large posts.
- Please post in english. If english is not your native language, supply at least a Google translation.
- Avatars and signatures must be SFW.

- It is advised that you read the pinned threads of a specific sub-forum before posting. Some of these sub-forums have specific rules so please look at them before posting.
- Double posting unnecessarily is frowned upon. If you're updating a news thread or your thread that's fine. If you have good reason to double post, you may, but more often than not, it's usually just a case of forgetting there is an edit button (at the bottom right of each post).
- News threads and announcement threads that have gone silent for more than 3 weeks should be left alone, don't post in them (exception: if you have important new content to share regarding that threads topic).
- Only make one introduction thread and one departure thread. Moderators will likely delete the extras you make.
- Reselling your VOCALOID products is allowed but they must not be activated.
- NSFW discussion is allowed in the Role Play subforum, but must be spoiler tagged.
- If you can't find something, use the search function.
- If you have your own thread, you may add extra rules that you personally would like applied (example: Role Plays or Giveaways).
- You are allowed one thread in Point Caffe. If you wish to make a new one, request for the previous to be deleted.
- You may share the same song in the Songs & PVs & MMDs, even if it's already been posted before but you can't find it.
- If you have any questions about these, PM an administrator or moderator.